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    34 Years old. Been with my wife for 17, married for 13. 2 children 8 and 3.
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    Camping, Riding motorcycles, kayaking, Skiing, anything that blows my hair back.
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    Conductor for freight railroad CSX Transportation
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    I always enjoy decorating tastefully a static display and always wanted to do an animated display. I want to learn alot.
  1. Not really an answer to the question, I have strobes from Darryl and the other place, but I am not sure if it is possible to use the 12v strobes with their controllers hooked in line through a 120v to 12v transformer. Any thoughts on this? what I wondered was when the power on that channel is cut, would the strobes continue to flash because of the transformer still sending unused power to the strobe? Akin to when you unplug your laptop and the green light stays on tranformer for a few seconds til everything discharges. If this is the case then it wouldn't be feasable in a controlled lightshow.
  2. Has anyone tried using 12v strobes in their display? The ones for safety vehicles. I would assume those would be the best (i.e. waterproof, dirt cheap on ebay). I would think all you would need would be a 120v to 12v transformer. What would be the drawbacks? I currently use 2 different brands of 120v strobes and they both have their own unique limitations.
  3. Well Jason, you were the inspiration for it all and I know for a fact I couldnt have done it without your threads on SSR's and all, thanks alot!
  4. Here is my link to what I did with the Gemmy Lightshow and 3 SSR's.
  5. Ok, sure will. I have been going west out of connellsville recently but next time I go to Cumberland I will give a few long blasts near Polorons display!
  6. Good job Pamw. I like how the house is washed in green and red. Are those floods?
  7. Sweet! I just went past it again tonight on the train! It looks good. Do you have any video of it posted? I wish I would have been able to hear the music! What fm channel are you using? Have you been getting alot of traffic? That is kind of neat that you are on this forum.
  8. Use solid state relays. Jason Rose has some nice Pics of how he did his. He used alot more than I. I currently have the Gemmy 12 channel with 3 SSR's. here is a video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stnl-orG2AQ
  9. I work as a conductor for CSX and was going through Hyndman 2 nights ago and noticed a house that appeared to be animated not too far from the tracks. I was barrelling through and wasn't close enough to see a tune to sign (or a fm radio for that matter), but thought it may be neat if it were someone on this forum. I could tell them I saw part of their show, or actually stop my train next time and watch and listen to a few songs.
  10. local wal-mart, home depot, and Lowes completely out! Holy Smokes,what will I do for next year?
  11. Update- 96.1 fm now. We got the front page of both local papers (probably not saying much though). In Damascus, Ohio
  12. And I guess it is just a circle on top of a circle. 2 not 3, I swear I need to go to bed every once in a while. sheesh! Thanks!
  13. oops forgot link--here it is-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOITwBCqiv0
  14. Ok it is the Lexus "December to remember" commercial. You can see it in the beginning and very end. Is this a prop?
  15. I currently do not use blow molds in my display;however, the other day I saw a luxury car commercial with a beautiful snowman blowmold in it. Does anyone know where to get this blowmold at (if it is even a true commercially available blowmold)? I cannot remember which car company it was for but I want to say Lexus, Acura, or Infiniti. The snowman was quite tall - 5-6' and all the "body" parts were pretty much a circle on top of a circle on top of a circle. Anyone else see this?
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