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    Richmond Virginia
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    We have been decorating together for 10 years but Bobby has decorated his mothers house for 32 years this year, and for the past 3 years we have been decorating our house right next door. Married and have 3 children 2 girls 9 & 11 and a 20 year old son.
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    estimater/pm -home daycare provider
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    Our display grows every year. We decorate two homes side by side. To turn on the light we flip 62 20 amp breakers. We use a 60' lift to putwrap two 55' maple trees with over 50,000 light is each. We also use the same lift to put 8,500 c-7 into a 35' cedar tree. This year we added another big tree, a 75' pin tree with 45,000 lights. We have a glassed in room with approximately 140 animated dolls. We were featured on a show called Crazy Christmas Lights on TLC in 2007, Wal Mart used a photo of my mothers home in over 27 magazines in 2007, Cracker Barrel used a phote in an advertisment book in there restraubt about 16 years ago. We have been in two different Christmas books. We start putting up lights the second weekend in September. We work on it everyday several hours and 10-15 hours a day on the weekends. We light up on Thanksgiving. Take down is about a total of 7 days.

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