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  1. Does any one know if General Foam opened their warehouse to the public this year? If so Virginia beach or the NC location? Thanks, Bobby
  2. Carrie I love your chior setup. I cannot imagine what you could do to make it any better. What is your plan? Bobby
  3. Hey BH toot your horn for him next time when you go by.
  4. I bet that was a nice thing to see on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas, Bobby
  5. No way for us to count. We turn on our lights at 5:15 and have the culdesac full of cars waiting for the lights to come on. At 6:00 the line was over 45 minutes long with it getting to over 1hour and 15 minutes. It is like this until 10 or later. In our drive way alone we have an average of 200 - 400 people on foot. Keep in mind from my driveway to my moms driveway is about 170 feet. People park up to four blocks away and walk up. Last night we had 8 people stand in different areas and do a approximate count of people on foot. We did his when we had no buses or limousines here. About 1200 - 1500 people on foot alone with cars backed up in two different direction about 3 /4 miles on the main road. We are two blocks off the main road. There are several times each night that there would be 3 - 5 Greyhound type buses and up to 10- 15 limousines parked in the neighborhood so the people can walk up and they all do. Bobby & Bobbie
  6. It sucks bad that this kind of stuff happens. I have been decorating for 32 years. We have had vandalism and theft every year, usually several times a year for the past 28 years. I have already been hit 4 times this year. Last year it was 9 times. This something that we expect. We know it will happen and it is just part of Christmas for us. We are now installing a four camera security system with 24 hour taping. Bobby & Bobbie
  7. Jacob I have been wrapping large trees for 26 years. Check out my pictures to see them for your self. I do two 60' maple trees with 60,000 + minis in each, a 76' pine tree with about 30,000 minis and a 40' cedar with about 9,000 C-7. I have had many different municipalities, tree climbers that put lights in big trees and electricians contact me over the past 15 or so years if input. If you put wrap the trees the right way the only enemy that you will have is fading, a limb snapping off and squirrels. We have a very large population of squirrels around here. A cheap and easy fix for them is rubber snakes. We leave the light up all year with minimal damage from the squirrels. Just keep in mind that you have to move the snakes around about once a week. We have 3 - 4 rubber snakes per tree. Bobby
  8. That Sucks. Of course it could not have been a cheap item that gets broken. Now you can use him as a disabled vetran soilder. Give him a purple heart. Bobby
  9. We watched the TLC showas ladt night. Even watched Crazy Christmas Lights again, like I have not watched it a hindred times. it just means more watching it during Christmas and withen two hours of the new show with people that we can really relate to because of PC. I will take pictutes of the flowers tonight and post how we made them. Thanks, Bobby
  10. Thanks for the compliments everyone. We have four big trees. One cedar tree that is 40' has about 10,000 c-7's. One clear blinker to every three reds. The 76" pine tree this years has about 45,000 mini lights. The maple tree with the white lights has about 80,000 lights. The other maple tree in the front yard of my mothers house has about 110,000 mulit lights and 65 strobe lights. This tree has been wrapped with light for 26 years. We take the strobe light out and all the c-7's off the cedar tree every year. The cedar tree takes about 10 hours to put the lights in each year. As for the other trees. The minis do stay up all year but every year between 1/3 and 3/4 go out have to be replaced. Squirrels are the the biggest problem. They chew the plugs off like acorns. We pick them up off of the ground all summer long. Thanks, Bobby & Bobbie
  11. Thanks for all the compliments. I have been decorating for 32 years since I was 10. I joined PC last year and I love it. I do not post too much but I am sure I will do more now. Its great to get compliments for the people who stop by every night. But it is a awesome feeling to get compliments from other decorators. Here is a closer picture of the choir. I should have posted this instead of the flowers. Yes we did make the flowers. We have a total of 15 through out the setup. We have three different flowers and all are different. I get asked many times a night where I purchased them and or will I sell them. Home made here and not for sale. Thanks, Bobby[ATTACH]26823[/ATTACH]
  12. Not this Sunday. I passed on it this year. No way I could get it set up by the end of October. We were on Crazy Christmas lights four years ago. It is in reruns this year on TLC. Check it out if you can. We will retake more pictures this evening if the weather clear up. I will post some more later. Thanks, Bobby
  13. Here are a few pictures of our 2009 display. We are two homes side by side. I have decorating my mothers home for 32 years. My wife and I bought the house next door ( the one on the right) 5 years ago. This is our 4th year decorating our home. We have about 1,000,000 lights that all get turned on by a total of 66 20 amp breakers. It comes down to two people me and my wife decorate both homes by our selves. Thanks, Bobby & Bobbie[ATTACH]26723[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26724[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26725[/ATTACH]
  14. Here is the choir set up we built in during the summer actualy set up in our display. The nativity is one of four that we have between the two homes. This nativity was given to me by my parents for my 15th birthday and I am now 42. The overall picture is both of our homes, my mothers and mine is on the right. We have about 400 + blow molds in the complete display. These are the first picture that we took this year. I will post more of the blow molds later including the ET blow mold we have had for about 25 years. Bobby & Bobbie[ATTACH]26717[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26718[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26719[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]26720[/ATTACH]
  15. We had our grand lighting last night a 6pm as we have for 18 years. We had about 1,500 people standing on the street waiting. Nothing like being in the house flipping the breakers and hearing the crowd cheering. Bobby
  16. Robert please know I am not arguing with you, but just getting an education on this along with what appears to be other pcrs aswell. You said that you were pulling 350 amps last year? I thought that the animated setups like yours pulled far far less power since the lights are only on for short burst most of the time. With this in mind how can you have pulled 350 amps on that? I am a old schooler here. This is my 33rd year decorating. I have been doing big trees for over 26 years. I do not know nothing about the animated stuff. Bobby
  17. I know what you are saying about the 400 amps per panel. Pull 350 amps out of a 200 amp panels and you will have one hot and loud buzzing panel. I do not believe that a 200 amp panel will pull even 300 amps continuously and safely. The power company told me this morning not to add any more to what I have now. Now if I could pull 400 out of a 200 safely why would they say to stop where I am at now? If it was safe I would not think they would offer up a pole with up to 400 more amps to use. They said that 345 amp continuous draw is about as max I could get safely. With them saying that, are you saying that I could safely pull all 345 amps out of a 200 service? Safely with all being continuous? Bobby
  18. I have four pictures of the houses in 2008 posted in my profile. My house We is the one with the red & white stripped shutters. Just did my moms house. We are pulling 237 out of 300 on her house. She has two 150 amp panels. If you have seen the Crazy Christmas Lights show on TLC then you have seen my mothers house with a few shots of mine as a starter. Bobby
  19. I had Virginia Power call me last week about our Christmas display. They are concerened about the total power draw on the electrical system. Keep in mind we are two homes side by side with a total of ove a million lights. This morning they came by to do a total amp reading on the lights alone. My mothers home has two 150 amp panels and I have two 200 amp panels. They only did a reading on my home. We turned on all the breakers that are dedicated to the Christmas display along with what is normally on in the home just for living comfort. Our water heater and heat is by natural gas so no power draw there. Keep in mind this is just for my home. One panel is pulling 174 amps and the second is drawing 173 for a total true amp draw of 347 amps out of the total 400. They were amazed so was I. With such a large amperage draw they along with the county I live in have agreed to let us install a seasonal power pole with up to 400 additional amps of power that will be permenanetly installed. The meter would be installed in and out as I needed at no cost. Imagine what I could do with another 400 amps. This would be set with its own meter. This will cost me on my part about $900.00 out of my pocket. I am sure I will have this completed by next year. Knowing how big our dislay is I am courious how much power others use. Our power bill for last December just for my home was over $1,200.00 additional for the month and my mothers was over $900.00. Bobby
  20. I have always used 1/2" CDX. I have cutouts that we made 30 years ago and they are holding up just fine. We paint both side of the plywood with a primer. The back side gets painted with two coats of paint and the front character side also gets two coats of paint. As long as you paint the edged very good they will hold up. Bobby
  21. We purchased a ribbon with red, white & blue from www.THEHOLIDAYLIGHTSTORE.com out of Raleigh N.C. Bobby
  22. So what is dirt cheap? How much were they asking for the elves to give a general idea of cost. Bobby
  23. I have been decorating for 32 years. Green c-7 & c-9 have always been the hard ones to find. I would figure green would be plentiful since red and green are the main Christmas colors. Bobby
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