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  1. I had a lot of problems with the LED strings from Home Depot, Ace Hardware, WalMart. I only have one type of LED strings that lasted 4 seasons. I purchased commercial grade LED strings from LED Holiday Lighting, Creative Displays Inc, and MITS. Unfortunately, I have had problems with strings from all 3 vendors. However, not as many problems as the big-box store LED strings! When the LED string goes out, I have to troubleshoot to find which LED is bad so I can splice in the new one (solder and heat shrink). Stan
  2. I lay them flat on the roof. I have the standard 4-12 pitch (roof angle) and the roof is made out of corrugated steel. I then used fishing line to tie them to the ridge cap. I wouldn't know how to prop them up like what you are saying, since the roof is corrugated steel.
  3. I think most, if not all, LEDs from local retail outlets are crappy. I only have 1 type of WalMart LEDs (purchased back in 2009) that is still working till this past season (2012).
  4. I believe the manufacturer is the same as what CDI uses, which is of the best quality (I ran both in the past). Jacob, will there be another sale for those of us who are too broke to purchase now? I am in the recuperating mode from Christmas presents and what not. Thanks, Stan
  5. Your biggest expense will be the contractor cost or labor cost in digging the trench. The cheapest cost will be the actual conduit itself. With that being said, you should run conduit that is large enough for spares, etc.
  6. Hi MITS! Thank you for the update! I was a bit worried about the orders. Hope it makes it over to Hawaii before the middle of October. Stanward
  7. Your store is not working. I get an oops message.
  8. In the years past, I used binder clips to hold the light strands along the roof line. The binder clips rust in the wet weather and I need a better alternative. Does anyone have a good method (rust/corrosion free) to attach several light strings along the roof line? I live in a very rainy area. Thanks,
  9. Cool! That looks just like the Christmaslightshow one from Daryl Brown.
  10. Hello, I am wanting to purchase 17 strings of 100 count LED (color can be all red, or all white or all blue). I am wanting them to be sealed units. Thanks, Stan
  11. Not sure why a 50 count string would be broken into 3 sections. If all else fails, you can build your own full wave bridge circuit and cut out the "blobs".
  12. Time for MITS to go onto facebook as well!
  13. I seriously thought that light tester would fry the LEDs and/or rectifier.
  14. I had to file a claim with the BBB. That seemed to work for me.
  15. I am talking about the white spiral you have in the photo from amazon, not the weber tree. I am looking at building them myself, since I can build them with blue LEDs instead of the white incandescents.
  16. I can't find any store that sells the spiral trees. I was hoping someone knows how to build their own. I can't find anything on this site other than tomato cages, pvc, or coroplast. I want the spiral trees. Anyone can help me? Stan
  17. Yup, CDI is the best. I ordered from "the other guys" thru the 2009 clearance sale. I got 2 out of the 3 orders, I have yet to see the last order come in. Never got a response back after leaving a ton of messages. I placed 1 clearance sale order with CDI, along with 1 LARGE preorder. I will definately be ordering from CDI in the future! Stan
  18. 3/4" grey PVC it is! I used 3/4" grey PVC last year for the mega tree base as well as my two 10 foot arches. When I grabbed the 3/4" white PVC in Home Depot, it seemed to have the same flexibility as the grey stuff. But it seems the consensus is grey PVC.
  19. I am planning on building more arches and mega tree bases next month. My question is, which is better to use for arches and mega tree bases? Grey or white PVC? I remember someone was saying the grey PVC (electrical) is more flexible than the white PVC (plumbing). Is this true? I noticed the grey PVC is not perfectly straight in the store. Sometimes this is a problem when building Christmas stuff with it. Shall I just buy the white PVC?
  20. When using the hand winch to raise the topper: Can I tie off the topper after it is raised so I can take the winch off and use it on the second mega tree? Or do I have to leave the hand winch there to prevent the topper from falling down?
  21. AWESOME! 400 lbs is way more than what most would put on the mega tree. I will have to think about creating my own JUMP pole!
  22. Sealed! Do not get replaceable LED strings!
  23. Why do the blue and red fail most quickly? Are the LEDs burnt out or the channel on the controller that is damaged?
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