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    I'm 19 and attend TTU. I am double majoring in civil engineering and business management. I then plan to attend law school and begin practicing corporate law.
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    christmas light, waterskiing, basketball, I collect things from "the simpsons". cars
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    College student at Tennessee Technological University.
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    I am currently maxed out at 55,000 lights. I have 96 channels of LOR. I am finally going to begin the transition to LEDs beginning in 2011
  1. I have built 2 shadow boxes for my 4th of July show. I use 2x6s and make my box then place plywood on the front and back. The front piece has my silhouette cut out. The 2x6 is perfect size to fit a flood light in. I paint the inside gloss white and the outside flat black
  2. In May I posted this thread stating I would be beginning custom sequencing work for those interested starting mid-July. I am now available for custom sequencing, but i have changed my pricing structure from before. I am a college student and would really like to make a few bucks before college starts back. Here is the new price structure. All sequencing will be on a first come first serve basis. I plan to do custom work through mid-August and maybe further depending on demand. Base Price of $99.00 this includes sequencing up to 3 minutes and channel counts up to 96. There is a $ .75 ch
  3. Hot sauce in Campbell's vegetable beef soup. I'm the only one I know of that does it but its delicious.
  4. Yes, I will be doing work in LOR. I have tried to peg my prices so I can make about 10 an hour. I feel that is fairly reasonable. Below are prices per second. My 2011 prices: Channels: Price 1-32 $ 1.10 33-64 $ 1.60 65-96 $ 1.70 97-128 $ 1.90 129-192 $ 2.10 193-224 $ 2.30 225-256 $ 2.65 257-512 $ 3.40 over 512 conta
  5. Hello everyone. I am about to mark my 3rd year doing light shows on July 4th. This July 4th will be my 3rd annual Independence Day show and this Christmas will be my 3rd annual Christmas show. I really enjoy syncronizing music and would like to extend my services to the PC community. Beginning mid July I will be available for custom sequencing. I realize that most of you don't know me personally. I will be happy to synchronize a test sequence of 30 seconds to a minute so you can determine if you want to use me or not. While I enjoy synchronizing all music I tend to do my best work in musical s
  6. Trying to win nashville predators playoff tickets! everyone go like grand avenue transportation http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1#!/grandavelimo and tell them Mark Petty sent you!

  7. Hello everyone, I would like your help. Grand Avenue Transportation here in Nashville is giving away Predators tickets to game 4. The winner will the one who recruits the most people their facebook page. Please like their page and post on their wall to let them know I (Mark Petty) sent you. I would really like to win this so i can take my cousin who is the same age as me (19). My aunt (his mom) who has had brain cancer (who I have asked for prayers on here before) passed away last week. He has been balancing college and a sick mother for months and he really needs a break from it all. Thanks
  8. Planning is underway for my 3rd annual Independence Day light show. We have exhausted the list of all the classics and are looking for new ideas... here is a list of some of the our past selections ROCK in the USA- John Mellencamp Pink Houses- John Mellencamp America the beautiful- Ray Charles God Bless America- Celine Dion God Bless America Again- Charlie Daniels Band America-Neil Diamond God Bless the USA- Lee Greenwood Born in the USA- Bruce Springsteen American Trilogy- Elvis (This is our annual closer and will not be cut this year) America the Beautiful-El
  9. My obsession started at age 5. My grandparents and I drove around our town very often looking at lights. They always let me pick where we went. I would say turn here, there etc and my grandad would drive. It didn't take long of this doing this until we had lights at my grandparents house. My house (right next door) always had lights but i wasn't involved. My grandad made sure I was involved in putting up lights. The displays grew year by year. I remember when we added icicle lights. I remember the year i spent my long saved money on a 30 dollar spiral tree for my house. We also added the most
  10. I'm planning on being there...Plan on doing all mini and mega sessions. Don't know who will be tagging along with me. My sidekick in this crazy obsession (cousin) will probably not be able to be off that long. We also have a wedding in Chesapeake, VA the weekend before so i dont know how that will be.
  11. jfelix, are you talking about the BIG arch from North Carolina? Did yours go up fairly easily? We recruited neighbors and family members. I'm afraid taking it down will be a much more difficult project, especially if we can't get our help back again.
  12. I want to know how you built those fireworks! I need 2 or 3......or 5 of those lol:cool:
  13. I made a 9x15 foot flag in 09....I used pvc chicken wire found at Lowes and I zip tied lights to it. I believe I used about 700 lights for the long stripes at the bottom and about 400 on the smaller stripes at the bottom. I have a channel set up for each blue 'stripe" that corresponds with the red and white stripes on top. The stars are twinkling c9 bulbs. The pvc chicken wire and lights mount to a steel fram that i built. Total cost of investment was about 300 without controllers and 200-300 man hours zip tying [ATTACH=CONFIG]41721[/ATTACH]
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