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  1. I am adding many more controller boards for my 2011 display and therefore I will need a lot of network cable to run around the yard to "daisy-chain" all my controllers. I did not know what the best idea would be to do: 1. Buy bulk rolls of CAT5 cable and crimp my own ends on, to make the lengths I need 2. Buy premade lengths of network cable at lengths I could use (50', 100', etc..) I read somewhere where someone made their own cables and had a lot of trouble with them, so they were going back to premade cables. What is the best method that is most reliable. I am sure they both ha
  2. I will keep you guys posted. I am going to see if I can find a "friend electrician" to save me some money. I believe my brother-in-law's uncle is an electrician, so I am going to see if I can get him to come take a look at it for me. Unfortunately I lost my job the end of October and have been looking for another job since, so I don't have much $ to spend at the moment. Thanks for all the input guys!
  3. Thanks for the information. I wish I had known about Ken's display sooner (just found out about him yesterday), so I could have went to see it live. I only went to a few local ones, including Glenn Barber in Spring Hill and Alan Sielbeck in Franklin. I will have to make it a point to go check out Ken's display this year!
  4. I just ran across this thread and was wondering if Ken Maxwell has a website for his display? You guys have me wanting to see what he has done.
  5. Yeah, that is the idea. It would work out really well at my house, due to the meter & outside circuit breaker box is right around the corner of the house from everything and I would not have to run a million extension cords out of the garage. I only had 24 channels this year and it was too many cords to run through the garage window to go outside. I want to place my controllers outside this year as well. I have a security camera system now, so I won't have the worry of someone messing with my controllers (if they do, I will have some good footage for the police). I will keep you posted as
  6. I am using Renard 24 Channel DIY controllers. I will have 10 of them, each with two 15A circuits. I am doing a similar thing to Holdman's display, so I should be able to use the RG spreadsheet to save a little on max power.
  7. 2011 will be my first year with a larger show (going from 24 channels in 2010 to approx. 240 channels and maybe more) and I will need a lot more power. I know a lot of people say switch to LED's, but I have already bought a LOT of incandescents to use for my 2011 display and I also like the look of the fades, shimmer effects, etc.. that you get with the regular incand lights. My electrical meter is on the side of the house and after reading several posts, I found this thread and want to add something like this to my house. (It will be portable with the exception of the two-50A outdoor sock
  8. Chad, I was super busy this Christmas season and did not get to drive out to see your display in person. I saw several videos you posted and really enjoyed your display! This was my first year with animated lights using a Renard SS24 DIY built controller and I am HOOKED! I have already built 3 more boards and plan to build several more for 2011's display. I will also be adding a lot more lights. Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas!

  9. Alan, Love your display. My family and I first saw it last year and that was enough to get us into animated lighting. This was our first year (started really small) and we used one DIY built 24 channel controller. I plan to expand and have many more for my 2011 display. I live about a mile down the road from Glenn Barber. Keep up the great displays, we always look forward to driving by to see your lights!

  10. I am having trouble getting on the DIYC board to post, so I thought I may also find some help here. I am wondering if there is any way to increase the number of lights I can put on each channel of the Renard SS24 boards without overloading it and blowing the triacs. I plan to have a lot of C9 bulbs on the house for my 2011 display and wanted to try to save as many channels as I can. Otherwise I would have to use up several channels and just program them all to do the same sequences to distribute the load.
  11. This is AMAZING! You really nailed it with the spacing of the strands and programming your controllers. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see the "How To" on this. I want to add this into my display next year. This was our first year of animated lights, so I have plenty more controllers to build before next year
  12. I just ordered from YBBS about a week ago. They were supposed to have closed up after Thanksgiving, but are still taking orders on enclosures, if you order 10 or more (until the end of the year). I ordered ten CG-2000's for my renard SS24 boards. I got free shipping too (over $75 gets free shipping).
  13. I am a newbie, but I have one up in Chapman's Retreat Subdivison at: 1296 Chapmans Retreat Dr. Spring Hill, TN 37174 I usually don't have everything on until around 7pm nightly due to getting home from work late. I leave the display on until 10p during the week and 11p on the weekends. This is my first year putting anything out. Last year we had just moved in and I was still trying to get settled in the house. I have several decorations, static lights, and my first ever mega-tree (or medium tree :giggle:) that is over 10' tall. I look forward to adding a lot of new stuff to my di
  14. I am sure it is possible, given the right A/C adapter for the voltage and current requirements. It doesn't sound too feasable, given that the train is more than likely going to be going round and round on a track, and you wouldn't want a cord attached to something that is moving around that much.
  15. Anyone know how I can get a copy of the show? I watched it last night on TLC, but I don't have a DVR or any way to record the show to playback later. I would love to have a copy to watch again and again.
  16. Well, believe it or not, I actually stopped by after work tonight and they DID have the 10' sections. I had just checked their website earlier and it did not list them for my zip code. I was glad they had them and they are pretty cheap at that..I think they were like $0.82 each.
  17. Awesome! That is very good to know! My local Lowe's only carries a 5' long 1/2" and 3/4" peices of the gray electrical PVC pipe. I am hoping that won't cause any troubles coupling 3 of them together. I think I am going to make a list of what all I need and run by Lowe's after I get off from work. Thanks a bunch for your help! I really appreciate it
  18. From what I calculated, I need 15' of pvc to make a circle for the base of my 10' tall tree. In your case, did you have to heat up the segments of pipe to allow you to bend them into a full circle?
  19. I am wanting to put up a mega-tree this year (I know I don't have much time left). I had already attempted, but didn't read enough first, before I got out there and gave it a go. Needless to say, all the materials ended up in the garage for now. What diameter size and type of PVC pipe are you guys using for your mega-tree's? How are you bending it into a nice circle? I am wanting a 10' tall tree. I first started off trying to use gray electrical pipe and it did not want to bend, even using a heat gun on it for a while. It turned out more like a oval by the time I was done. Also, I see
  20. Wow, thanks so much for the quick response! I really do appreciate your help. I am just getting started, so I know I have a lot ahead of me, but with the help of this forum, I am sure I will be able to make it through just fine. Thanks again so much for your help!! I would love to have a link to his sequence if you have that available.
  21. I found this video clip on youtube and really fell in love with the well put together effect it has of the fading back and forth. I am thinking of ordering some light-o-rama controllers for use in my display for Christmas 2009 and thought about incorporating some fading in/out effects into my display. Any ideas on how many channels were being used in the display from youtube? Anyone know what song that is too by chance?
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