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  1. Bob Hall - Nicely done. I was afraid to go the mp3 route this year. Maybe next year...
  2. Yes they are! I started with the florescent versions, but they kept dying on me. I found some good old incandecents and they work just fine!
  3. Nice display, Bumpus Hounds! I need to add some SSRs to my display next year. Here's a link to my 12 channel Gemmy: I changed a few channels around after I made this video and it is much cleaner now! I'll upload it soon.
  4. Pamw

    LED Ice cycles, help!

    My Sam's Club didn't have them - but I found some at Lowes for 50% off - the bad part? Only one box:(
  5. The Victorian Carolers are also quite nice! (I am one during the holidays!):santasmileyitty:
  6. This reminds me of my old theatre days - we used to take rhinestone earrings and "color" them with permanent markers to change the look. To take the color off, use fingernail polish remover!:santasmileyitty:
  7. Got the Gemmy Lightshow LED trees in white light and one box of gemmy icicle lightshow lights - woo hoo!:giggle:
  8. Pamw

    LED Ice cycles, help!

    That sounds like the Gemmy Shooting star Icicle Lights - www.gemmy.com I saw them at Lowes a few weeks ago but they are gone now.
  9. I got the Light Keeper Pro at hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon - that put the price around $12!:santasmileyitty:
  10. You cannot. You must use plain ordinary lights that don't blink. The Gemmy Lightshow makes them blink!:santasmileyitty:
  11. Found them! Improvements catalog: http://www.improvementscatalog.com/product/lighted-candy-cane-arch.do
  12. So THAT'S what that thing is called! We were in the Lubbock airport as they were putting up the tree and one of the workers was using that thing. My husband was intrigued, to say the least. I see a Target trip today!
  13. As soon as your lights "blink" they have been switched off. When they come back on, the sequence originally programmed into the lights starts over from the beginning. That's why you only see one color. Don't mix the programmed strings with the Gemmy lightshow box. Not what you wanted to hear, but at least it explains what happened.
  14. They aren't in the NC ad. Just the Lowes store brand.
  15. Is there a step by step for us newbies? I want to add one, too. I thought I saw a "how to" on the forum, but I cannot find it now.
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