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  1. I bought some M6 LED strings a year ago in order to add more arches to my display this last year and it turns out they all had the rectifier "lumps" in the middle of the LED strings. I just decided to skip the additional arches and used the strings elsewhere in my display. A few years ago I had bought M5 LED strings and they all had the rectifiers in the plugs (still using these strings for arches) and were able to create a tight, consistent wrap. My display is 100% LED and would like to keep it that way. Does anyone know were I can purchase M5 or M6 LED strings (guess even 5MM will do) that are sealed and don't have the rectifiers in the middle of the string that would work well for arches? Or has anyone successfully been able to create a tightly wrapped arch with the rectifiers in the middle of the strings?
  2. Last year, I originally bought 32 channels at the early LOR sale for Christmas ... started planning a small Halloween display and used up all 32 channels. so I then bought another 32 channels in the summer sale so that I had 64 channels for Christmas. This year, I'm jumping to 224 channels.
  3. You'd have to ask the the LED Holiday folks that question ... Could be on Clearance because they don't want to carry them anymore, could be last years stock, could be a return ... I don't know.
  4. First set is 50ct and the second set is 70ct - so the second count has more lights and is naturally more expensive. Also, it looks like the 50ct w/ white wire is also listed in the Clearance Sale.
  5. I believe the spools in the link only contain (empty) C7 sockets, no actual lights. You would also have to buy the LED C7 lights (http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/c7-led-replacement-bulbs--789.htm) to go with them.
  6. I just recieved some C9 LED Retrofit bulbs from CDI from the sale earlier this year and I find they are plenty bright enough for me. I don't see lumens listed but CDI states 120 volt uses .96 watts for each lamp, I noticed Action Lighting states 120 volts uses .25 watts. Also, right now CDI is running a 20% off sale - so I think they are actually cheaper than action lighting, but you have to buy 50 at a time. http://www.creativedisplays.com/siteresources/modules/webstore/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=442 Another thing is that you might want to make sure they are dimmable (if you care about that). Not a sales pitch, just saying =)
  7. Hmmm, okay ... that means I'd probably have to star out the strings from the center of the tree. Does anyone have a picture of what the transformer plugs look like? Specifically ... Are they 3 prong? Are you able to piggy-back (stack?) the plugs? I assume the transformers are weather-proof. Thanks!
  8. Great, thats good to know the harness supports it ... maybe Paul knows how many could be chained. If I were to order some, I'd like to chain multiple strings versus having to have multiple transformers strung up in the tree.
  9. Question about the Dripping Icicle Tubes you recieved, I noticed that each string comes with it's own 120/12v transformer. Does it look like multiple strings can be chained togather and use a single 120/12v transformer? Or does each string require its own transformer?
  10. Just got notification that my cases have arrived, looks like I'll be spending the next few nights in the garage going though them ... hopefully get the car back in the garage by end of week =)
  11. I just recieved mine today ... Have to agree with your review above, I experienced the same issues with mine. One difference is that I can get stereo if I increase the input level to the highest level (peak) - however at that level it sounds bad. Once I lower the input level down a notch or two, then the right stops working and only the left works. Mono mode is okay in a pinch ... purchased this as a backup to my MobileBlackbox 4000, which I like.
  12. Got my shipping notice for 14 boxes, which should arrive next week. Guess I better let my wife know now =)
  13. The following thread has a lot of info about arch 'sleeves' http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php/39647-Arch-Sleeves I use 1" black poly as the sleeve (black, flexible sprinkler pipe) and slide them over 1/2" grey PVC for the arch.
  14. I used the "sleeve" method last year too and really like how it worked out. Making more for this year ... Last year I used 8 channels per arch, this year I'm doing 10 channels to create slightly larger archs. Just need to make a few more sleeves this year, as I can build on what I did last year.
  15. Yep, bought them on minoinsweb.com ... thx for the info, I'll have to try that this year.
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