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  1. I made the kissing Claus's, used the thin board, and while it is holding up, mine developed a curve in them. They still move well. I intend to reinforce the backside with a narrow angle to take at least some of the curve out. Good luck!!
  2. I was planning on joining in but missed it too. Will there be a video of it available to watch? Tks!!
  3. That's very kind and thoughtful of you to honor her and her late husband.
  4. In my opinion motion lights and signs are the cheapest, easiest, and yet most effective deterrent. A security camera that's clearly visible can be very imposing to a kid messing around. However a sucker or candy cane line the sidewalk out from is quite vulnerable. fortunately items like that are inexpensive and hopefully replaceable. As I mentioned above, I attach a cable to most items in the yard. You could attach a cable to the suckers, and while someone could still knock it over, break it; they're unlikely to run off with all of them if you attach the same long cable to each sucker. With w
  5. www.halloweenforum.com It is an outstanding forum. I'm always amazed at the amount of traffic on it. You'll find many professional haunters as well as small residential decorators.
  6. Thought I'd share an idea that has helped prevent vandalism to our display. We do have security lights on motion detectors and all of the display items in the yard are secured with a vinyl coated security cable. But another thing I do is visit our local police precinct. They have a "watch" program, where they'll provide the officers on duty with a list of addresses to keep "watch" over. It can be used when someone is away for extended periods of time, etc.; or to keep "watch" over a display. When the officers are not on a specific run, they'll cruise by the addresses on the "watch" list.
  7. Instead of the pvc base, simply use a piece of rebar to slide inside the pole. You'll need to guy wire it against the wind. I use 50# test fishing line for guy wires on 10' tall poles. You don't see the fishing line which is nice; however be careful, you don't see it either and it's easy to trip over.......he says from experience
  8. 20' is a long arch so it would likely need support mid-span. Mine are 10' long and I use a guy wire (fishing line actually) to keep the top of the arches in line with each other. Over 20', try a guy wire at 1/3 points, run it in opposite directions, perpendicular to the arches. So you'd have 4 guy wires on each arch. The 2' rebar should be enough to keep the ends of the arches in place.
  9. I have a PVC mega tree, but it's 18' high; so I have no experience with a 30 footer. This is just my opinion on your question. I think you could use pvc. I would strength the joints between sections of pipe and not depend solely on the threads. I'd slide a long section of 2" pipe inside the 3" pipe at the joint, like a 6-8' section, so it would have 3'-4' of pipe on each side of the joint. I'd also put support wires every 10', so at 30' it would have 9 support wires. Once vertical, it'll be fine. Just have to be careful raising it, so the pole doesn't buckle. Maybe build a li
  10. Those are outstanding. The detailed painting of Sally's dress is excellent!
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