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  1. Thanks for the comments and the answer to the trademark question is that the ones I'd offer for sale would be generic. Either patterns I've drawn myself, ideas I picked up from coloring books, or greeting cards. The well known characters, like Charlie Brown I wouldn't try to sell. I'm surround by the world of Buckeye football (love 'em too), but they are very public about protecting their copyright, so it is something that I'd be conscience about. As far as a little criticism from some posters I could take a little of that. Just don't want to offend the majority of posters providing advice that I'm sure to use. And I'll be a frequent poster of advice in the DIY forum on cutouts, my expertise.
  2. Newbie here that is exploring ideas on how in world to pay for all the really good stuff you folks are making. I would like to expand into the computerized lighting and quickly realized that the controllers, software, etc. can easily add up pretty quickly. Sure I can start small and add-on and while I
  3. Charles, that is an awesome harp. My wife plays the harp, maybe I'll make one for her, she'd love it.
  4. I make my own for the very reason you bring up, too much light. I use small coffee cans. They are plastic so they don't rust like the old metal cans did. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of the can, paint it, I use green paint to match the grass; place an exterior light outlet through the hole and wire it up with whatever length of cord you might need. I use a regular household light bulb, low wattage, 25 or 40 typically. Oh, cut a small or two in the bottom of the can near the edge to allow moisture to run out.
  5. I sure hope they work, I bought 15 of them. Now I just can't decide how to use them. I want at least some of the them, thinking 8 trees, on individual channels so they can run back and forth across the yard. Then maybe two groups of 3 & 4 trees accompanying a cut-out scene. I'd like to put at least two colors on them, but suddenly I've used up more than one controller and I haven't bought my first one yet.
  6. Thanks for warm welcome. The offers of advice and help are appreciated. I imagine Darlene advice about starting small is right on target, but probably the first one I forget to follow.
  7. Our local Kmart went to 75% off yesterday. Not a lot of stuff available except for artificial trees.
  8. I've been in the store about 8 times since 12/26 hoping they'd lower the price on a really cool 7' high ferris wheel. Today, they went to 75% off most items. We'll I bought it for ~$65. I was considering trying to sell it to pay for controllers, I'm a newbie that would like to venture into the world of synch lights. But it is going to tough to part with. They only had one left and I thought for sure someone would buy it.
  9. Wow what an outstanding place this forum and site is. I've been lurking around for about 2 weeks and am just amazed at the wonderful displays and the amount of information here. I have about a million questions, but I'll keep reading for awhile. I'm very excited about planning and building a new display for 2009. I hope family, work, and other obligations don't get in the way Everytime I see a cool item, I think I'll put that in my display then I find another idea just as wonderful. You folks are very creative. Decisions, decisions....I want it all.
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