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  1. Thanks for the payment. Did you receive my email with the list of other blow molds available? Just wanted to be sure you got it. Joe "Buckeyelights"

  2. Sophie & George make a cute couple. You might want to keep an watch over them. They could produce a bunch of snowballs :-) Joe

  3. Hi Showman, thanks for saying "hello" Tell me a little about your display? How you got started? Joe

  4. Kara, Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. So you're a Buckeye fan, involved in construction, and a Christmas decoration nut; if only I wasn't married LOL!!! Have you meet any other posters from Ohio? There are quite a few. Many, all of them will help you if you need any, just ask away. Joe

  5. Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. Joe

  6. Hi Kara, thanks for saying hello and I - O!!! This is my first year attempting animation, well, last year I used a Lights & sounds box, 6 channels, flashed a few lights...but that's all it took to get me past 40 years of static displays. Now I'm addicted to it, I fall asleep that the computer sequencing songs after everyone is in bed. Football season is finally here!!!! Wahoooo! Only 8 days till the Navy game. I'd be thrilled to add you as a friend, how do I do that? Joe

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