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    http://www.youtube.com/user/kitainky URL:

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    Lexington Kentucky
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    I just like to do my display to make a sad time for some more happy and especially......MAKE LIFE LONG MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    rigging up lights.......Four wheeling....putting Smiles on peoples faces.
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    1000 lights in o8 but 30000 + in 09.....32 channels of pure Light-o-Rama.With not much power!!!!!

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  1. My deepest regards to your brother , you and your family Lyman my God bless you all in this time of need .
  2. I am looking for some one named RadFord they have posted some sequences on LOR sequences . com and I would like to ask them some questions any help guys would be highly appreciated ..
  3. Go to the library ...Just don't forget to take the discs back...
  4. I spoke with Darryl this morning and they wont be making any till after Valentines day so I will have to wait till then.....I need it setting in my living room.....
  5. Get the Demented elf do you up a skit of some sort of medical foundation like santa has it...
  6. When and where can I get one of these?
  7. Play the sequence and hit the space bar where you need it to stop .
  8. I would like to buy one like Christmaslightshows.com has with the lights ...3 channels ...I will pay there price or if you have any info as to where I can buy one from another dealer that would be great ....Thanks....
  9. YES I am poisoning people here in my town love every minute of it !!!!!!:giggle:
  10. Here is a link to Gary hoey Linus and Lucy . I dont know if you have heard of him or not but he has some great Christmas jams shoot me a pm and I will send all to you....
  11. I spoke with Darryl this morning and they are on the way... THANKS LOUIE and let me know if you need help cleaning out your grage ....I am shure there is some stuff you want to through away That I could dumpster dive for just to make you smile like you did me and my son with your display:giggle:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Here is what I made with the twenty count lights from wal mart it is a 16 channel fake Mega Tree so I can get the full effect of it being sequenced . Works real good to !!! Fake Mega Tree 001.jpg
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