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  1. My deepest regards to your brother , you and your family Lyman my God bless you all in this time of need .
  2. I am looking for some one named RadFord they have posted some sequences on LOR sequences . com and I would like to ask them some questions any help guys would be highly appreciated ..
  3. Go to the library ...Just don't forget to take the discs back...
  4. I spoke with Darryl this morning and they wont be making any till after Valentines day so I will have to wait till then.....I need it setting in my living room.....
  5. Get the Demented elf do you up a skit of some sort of medical foundation like santa has it...
  6. When and where can I get one of these?
  7. Play the sequence and hit the space bar where you need it to stop .
  8. I would like to buy one like Christmaslightshows.com has with the lights ...3 channels ...I will pay there price or if you have any info as to where I can buy one from another dealer that would be great ....Thanks....
  9. YES I am poisoning people here in my town love every minute of it !!!!!!:giggle:
  10. Here is a link to Gary hoey Linus and Lucy . I dont know if you have heard of him or not but he has some great Christmas jams shoot me a pm and I will send all to you....
  11. I spoke with Darryl this morning and they are on the way... THANKS LOUIE and let me know if you need help cleaning out your grage ....I am shure there is some stuff you want to through away That I could dumpster dive for just to make you smile like you did me and my son with your display:giggle:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Here is what I made with the twenty count lights from wal mart it is a 16 channel fake Mega Tree so I can get the full effect of it being sequenced . Works real good to !!! Fake Mega Tree 001.jpg
  13. All of this can be bought at Christmaslightshows.com but they are sold out.....I need the standard hook head...3D star with the rope lights...and a steal 5 way tee 1 1/4 in...I will pay full price for these items if any body has any extras that they would like to sell....THANKS so much....
  14. I second the KRYLON x-metals make shure to clean the rope light with alcohol be for painting .Use light coats till you get the contrast you want/need .I have only found them in blue red and purple it also will not scratch off to easy it worked great on one of my motif that skis ith is great just tape up the section you dont need painted and paint away then if you have left over rope light use black tape to cover no one will ever see it at night...!!!
  15. Hey Lenny I found one on free LOR sequences.com last night it may be what you are looking for .It has over 200 channels and the cosmic color ribbon to but I dont think the ribbon was sequenced . User New Submissions S2 on the 14th page..
  16. Yes tis is my first year with LOR ..I am loving every second of it !!! There has been so many people "HERE" on PC to help me !!! So BIG THANKS to you that have helped..Here is some test videos of my display I know where the videos are to be posted but I am new and scared all of my multi lights look red I have a cheap JVC camera..Rome was not built in a day. The first is a LMS file I got here from PC and modded to my display ..The second is one that I was trying to pop a breaker using the vu wizard and all was good ...Merry Christmas and have a BLESSED ONE !!!! And there a lot les
  17. He is about four or five foot tall and has a microphone that plugs in to the base when you talk in to the mic his mouth moves as if he was saying or singing what you were these are a few years old and I want one bad !!!! If any one has one to sell please let me know ....Thanks and Merry Christmas !!!!
  18. He put on a very nice display and had Papa Jhons pizza selling pizza and all profits went to the home of the inesents ..I got a lot of good ideas from him ...Thanks LOUIE...
  19. Thanks Jhon for the KIND words and glad you liked my display and glad you came over to see it and talked with me .I am ordering my 3rd lor for a 16 channel megatree with 10800 L.E.D'S on it for next year and also going to make the kids sing all three of them...You know i have the time but not the smarts so you may be helping LOL!!!!but thanks for the KIND words and I LOVE your display you are such a artist you need to make them and sell them I would be your first customer ...If any body is intrested in seeing my display it is at 2956 Mt Mckinley way just off of Man-O-War between Buckhorn and p
  20. I would say to download the free demo from the LIGHT O RAMA website and see if you like it and how to use it ! That being said then start buying extension cords and more extension cords you will never have to many !! It is very addicting so be prepared for the madness and Welcome to PC there are many people here that "WILL" and can help.....
  21. I just want to CRY !!!! I have been saving all year for the day after Christmas sales and there are not going to be any THE GRINCH has came to all the stores here in Lexington Ky Lowes no good Hd no good Wal mart no good Sams no good Garden Ridge no good Rite aid no good Wallgreens no good CVS no good Meijers no good Target no good Rite Aid no good . So I my say that all of us will be ordering LIGHTS on line this up coming year if we want to expand and we all do !!! I am so glad that I bought 8 flats of mullti L.E.D. minis when Wal mart first put them out this year...If any body has any good
  22. Lost my mini mega tree with over 9000 lights on it . Lost my tune to sign bent in half...wire tree from wal mart in the neighbors yard with cord still hooked to it . Now to wait it out and rebuild....I guess I was not thinking in building my mini mega that the winds here in KY would get that strong !!!! But i guess I am DUMB when I am thinking of new ideas... But the SHOW WILL go on!!!!
  23. Can any one help me on this ? I have the JVC Everio gz-ms100ru video camera with sd.When I shoot my Christmas display all of my multi color lights look red but you can see my L.E.D.s fine i have done every thing i can find on this camera to change and nothing still all my multis are red . This is making my Christmas display look very funny with all multi color L.E.D.s on my roof and my whole yard is red . I bought this camera for 350.00 at wal wart thinking it would be the best for shooting my Christmas display that is the only thing I bought this for . I have shoot in the morning and at dusk
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