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  1. Awwww sorry you lost your pics. Sadly Ii didn't get to do my coke scene this year but 2014 I will have new lights for the tree & hopefully more coke stuff lol. This year my house insurance was on me for over 3 months & by the time the holidays were here I was kinda in a rush. If you think about it next season get a close up of the coke bears for me. Your scene really came out cute too. I think I have some of the small cans. I have some bottles, bears & machine lights for sure tho. I also have the bigger bottles that use the c7 lights but didn't use those for 2012. Here is my scene for 2012. The bears & lollipops were done with my cricut machine.
  2. Really cute display. I like the arches too. The big ornaments are really pretty. LOVE LOVE LOVE the coke scene. Sadly I didn't get to put my coke tree out this year. I use the same bears + a santa & mrs claus in mine. I also used a fake tree & had the coke pathway lights in the tree. Can you post a close up of the sitting bears so I can see it better? If you would like to see what my coke tree looked like let me know & I will post a pic of it.
  3. I did the uncle sam a year or so back so this year I was like a hawk watching them at walmart to go on clearance lol I really like how they show better too. Thanks! I had to cut them down to size so will be trying the scrap pieces in the shorter molds next.
  4. Yours looks very nice. My neighbor that passed away Dec. 22,2012 had a set of them. She did Merry Christmas if I remember right in her front yard at ground level. It was nice but she had a very small yard & it didn't really show well. A year or so later she gave them to me along with some C9 globe lights. I made a frame for the panels & it was about 3' off the ground & used red lights instead. I put it in my yard directly across from her house & she loved how it showed so much more. She was able to see it sitting on her couch. Sadly the winds took out the frame "made with PVC" that year right after christmas & I didn't get a chance to redo it before she passed away. When I do it again I will make a different saying & put it in the same spot with blue lights & a nativity below it. I lucked out and bought I think 40 panels from someone on PC so I plan on doing the tune to sign + maybe something in the backyard on my bayouside for the boaters to see.
  5. I snagged over 60 boxes of the 20 count lights on 75% off at walmart. My plans which I already have done a few is add them into the smaller molds ie: soldiers, candy canes, uncle sam. Here is an example of what they looked like C7 bulb on left & 20 count on right. ehhh not a great pic but 20 count on left & C7 on right I also used these to hold the lights in the mold bought from Lowes Not only do I find they spread the lighting better but it always seems I'm having to change out C7's so this works perfect for me.
  6. Oh WOWZA those are really beautiful. Seems I may have seen these when I was a itty bitty girl lol I sure would snag some if I came across any.
  7. I will pass this along to our local town facebook page. We had a big stink about this for season 2013. Our courthouse square used to do a pretty nice display with the light pole decorations & the whole courtyard decorated. This year they only had a maybe 15' real tree with some c7's strewn about, a couple poles & a tiny nativity piece. There were maybe 20 light poles decorated in a 2 mile radius. They didn't even bother to change out bad bulbs. Everybody was in an uproar about it. The parish president claimed that everything was outdated & that new decorations were in the works for 2014. HUMMMMM I think I need to pass along this info & hopefully we can have a better 2014. Thanks!!
  8. I have a bunch of these and really need to use them for a tune to sign.
  9. I love mine zip tied to pvc. Did the eaves in front my house in about 15 minutes. I have a metal roof & eaves so I bought 50 pound weight limit magnets & put 3 per section. for storage I hang from the roof of my 1976 school bus/camper/shed.
  10. I use the magnetic sockets from 1000 bulbs. They really look & work great. So far any magnetic hooks I've come across don't hold much weight so you may have a problem there.
  11. Really nice display. I too would like to see a better pic of the merry go round.
  12. WOW the angel is beautiful. So happy you have this to remember from your mom. Sadly I don't have any of my mom's christmas stuff. I have the sleigh like this that I found at a garage sale for maybe 25 cents. Really cute. I also found some of the flower light covers at a garage sale. Mine are clear & they kinda look like a star burst. I added some of them in my ficus trees on my front porch. Good Luck on your search Superfreak3
  13. Great Score. I'm still searching for the snowmen. Congrats!
  14. WOW your display looks awesome!! I too love the penguin greeting.
  15. I used the steel metal hanging straps screwed to the bottoms and use a stake or nail to hold in ground. You can cut the strap with a scissor. After the season you can take them off & reuse next year. I used that last year & again this year with about 60 blowmolds. Not a 1 down even with high winds. Best part ---- You don't have shadows from using a stake in it or behind it.
  16. I totally agree This is the G40 in my rudolph. I think it looks perfect for this mold. Don't mind the rope light. I was connecting them when my grandson got home with some presents for me lol
  17. I did 4 of them a few years back. No issues with water in them.. Painted the pole black too.
  18. Awesome mold. A friend gave me mine for christmas a few years back. It is one of the few I was able to put out this year. Congrats!
  19. WOW I would be in blowmold heaven! beautiful display & love the soldiers at the front door too
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