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  1. Walmart here stopped selling C7 strands last year, and C9's this year, and the only bulbs they sold were ceramic RED, GREEN and BLUE in C9, and Ceramic RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE and clear RED, clear Blue and clear GREEN and clear in C7
  2. Wow, I am gonna try that next year! I do C9's on the roof and have been stapling them to the fascia for all that time.
  3. It wasnt that hard to find mini lights with the normal "petal" reflectors into the 90's, then they seemingly disappeared overnight. I liked them because they put out a lot more light seemingly. I hated those early "spiked" reflectors, you step on them and they hurt like hell
  4. Net lights? None of the WalMarts near me even carried any net lights this year at the start of the season. I figured they discontinued them system wide. I had a horrible failure rate on my WalMart net lights this year, which are mostly now 2 years old, some 3. It's pitiful that these lights cant even make it 2 full years
  5. I hit up 7 walmarts the day after christmas for 50% off, glad I did, they were wiped out by the end of the first day, literally nothing left by 75% off time.
  6. You did a good job, I think I would have done it with C7's, but looks nice
  7. WalMart has them, RED, Green and Blue in boxes of 4. They have C7's too. Seems they stopped selling strands of C7's and C9's this year, but they still have the bulbs. Lowes does too.
  8. I didnt happen to have internet access, but I was on a trip last week, and stopped in Macon GA to get gas and the cheapest at the exit was Murphy's (Wal-Mart), so I happened to have a couple minutes, and went in to check to see if they had any Christmas stuff left. To my absolute surprise, they had HUNDREDS of boxes of 100 light incandescent multi lights and dozens of clear incandescents. I was obviously not in a position to buy, but was shocked to see what they had. It was the one in Macon off of I-475 and Eisenhower Pkwy on Dec 30. I was without internet for a week or would have given more h
  9. Yea, I saw women fighting over wrapping paper at one walmart too, I didnt understand that, as there was PLENTY.
  10. This is what I actually ended up getting From WalMart (total from 5 stores) 10 4 packs of red transparent replacement bulbs C7 3 4 packs of blue transparent replacement bulbs C7 18 "flicker flame" C7 bulbs for candles 36 "flame" C7 bulbs for candles 6x 100 green incandescent mini's 6x 100 red incandescent mini's 4x 100 multi incandescent mini's 2x large lighted wire-frame star 2x large lighted wire-frame snowflake 2x 20 count lighted musical mini-bells 8-10 packs of glass tree ornaments a boatload of garland 10x red lighted candy canes
  11. Went to 5 wal-marts and 2 Targets this morning, found very few lights, although I did find 6 each 100 light sets of Red and Green incandescent mini's. No other lights except some of those odd LED's like the "flame tip C5" and snowflake LED's. They are all half wave and flicker badly. I was hoping to pick up some C7 and C9 bulbs, but very few left, picked up some red C7, no C9 to be found. I did find a couple C9 sets, one store had a bunch, I am gonna wait until they hit 75% off and buy what they have. Target had zero lights. Lowes was sold out before last week. Kind of curious to see if
  12. These are all Empire blow molds for the most part. Who is making them? I love in Florida and we dont have Menards here. No one carries blow molds except K-Mart and it's just one a snoopy or something.
  13. The older ones have C9's or in some cases C7's, it dont surprise me that the newer ones have mini's. C6 are not made anymore, not for decades.
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