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  1. Love the blow mold santa with sleigh and reindeers... I always wanted to have this as a kid. Someone is selling a set new in box with 4 reindeer for like $3200 on ebay
  2. If anyone has a set or two of these, message me, even if used, as long as they work, I will buy them...
  3. That price is pretty steep. $2 per bulb... Also, the specific application I am looking for is for a transparent (clear/crystal) C7 type, it seems like they only have these in Ceramic or those god awful looking slotted bulbs, which I won't use... Thanks for the recommendation though... this application may work for my clear needs (my bells), but not the ones on the tree
  4. I have had several sets of these Holly berry lights over the years. When they came out the last time (3-4 years ago or so) they were manufactured by Philips, and I bought several sets. Before that, I had several sets of incandescents. This season, the incandescents failed. I can't get them working even by swapping bulbs and fuses and now I need a couple sets. I prefer the Philips branded LED version of these if possible, but may take what I can get... If anyone has a couple, and would be willing to part with them, contact me. Here's a pic of the box I found online. I looked on Ebay and
  5. I'm actually calling BS on this "news" article... this just doesn't seem like something anyone, even the most extreme "sjw" would do... I think it's probably made up, fabricated to further the "war on christmas" narrative that a certain TV network is trying to push every year because real news is slow, or to distract from the President denying the fact that he lost the election
  6. Over the past few years, I have converted my entire indoor/outdoor display to LED except a very few niche items: - Pre-constructed outdoor wire / furry "critters" (deer, penguins) which use incandescent mini's. As LED versions become available, I will replace them - One strand of 25 twinkling multi C7's I have on my Christmas tree to supplement the 7 strands of 25 LED C7's I have on my tree - One short strand of 12 twinkling clear C7's for a row of red plastic bells which flash - Two strands of 25 twinkling multi C9's in a large bush, supplementing 200 LED Multi C9's What is the be
  7. I use a bulb similar to this for larger blow molds (like soldiers or "medium size" santa or snowmen) and they do GREAT! https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/211314/BULBRI-776880.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAw_H-BRD-ARIsALQE_2OWB8_mdH9jmAJVb2TXcxXxQ148hx3yY1OMBgJ88AcxyjIqXJ9rJCQaArH6EALw_wcB There's a smaller version of that that I use for the smaller indoor Santa and Snowmen. Just make sure you get the "warm" version, or they dont look good. I have used the "pure" white on snowmen and it looks ok, but I prefer the "warm" white. These put out ZERO heat and last forever. I've never had one burn out.
  8. I noticed also that WalMart really had garbage selection this year. I am lucky to live in an area where I have 7 WalMart supercenters within a 20 minute / 10 mile radius of my home. I usually hit them up 12/26 for the sales and do my scouting the week before Christmas. I went out a little early this year and was floored that they were already mostly wiped out... My main store (which I actually do my grocery shopping), i've been peeping in there since they first put stuff out in late September and it never really seemed like they had much to begin with this year... this one out of the way,
  9. I don't know... considering how much power incandescent C9's draw, that would have a fairly QUICK ROI... even though the initial cost is a big hit. When I converted to LED, my ROI was just shy of 2 years. Not to mention they last longer and colors dont fade/peel/scratch like incandescents. I don't dim/flash so that aspect of (some of the) LED's was never an issue for me. I'm glad I made the leap and would never go back. Granted, I didn't have 3700 C9 bulbs to replace
  10. It's crazy that these replacement flames cost more than I paid for the entire candle back when I bought them last from Walmart, circa 2005. Thanks, if anyone else knows of a parts source, let me know
  11. I realize that these 38" Noel Candles made by Empire and various other companies over the years are out of production, but was wondering if there is a source for the plastic "flame" which goes over the bulb at the top of the candle. This seems to be the part that goes first... any sources out there? I have a couple that the candle is holding up well, but the flame is either really faded or cracking and wont last much longer.
  12. I tried this year using the big "flame" bulbs for my full size NOMA Noel Candles, and found they were definitely not bright enough, and you really had to look to see the effect. Was disappointed. I use normal cheapo 40 watt equivalent LED lights you would use in your house. Used CFL's before LED's.
  13. I don't use weight, I drive a 1" diameter pvc pipe into the ground. About a 3' length of pipe per blow mold does the trick... I have done this for 20 years and it does the trick. When I first started doing displays I used bags of sand, but the PVC pipe is better, no way it's blowing over, ever... Some people may not want to do this because you have to drill or cut a little round hole in the base of the blow mold in some instances, but it's worth it... beat the pipe into the ground with a rubber mallet For some smaller blow molds like soldiers or nativity I use small wooden stakes. You ca
  14. Walmart here stopped selling C7 strands last year, and C9's this year, and the only bulbs they sold were ceramic RED, GREEN and BLUE in C9, and Ceramic RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE and clear RED, clear Blue and clear GREEN and clear in C7
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