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    I enjoy exploring and learning new things and working to accomplish a goal. That's part of what appeals to me about the holiday decorations, not only do I get to share the joy of the holidays, but also get to tackle the challenge of planning and building displays and projects.
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    I currently have a static display with c-9s and minis, and would like to move up to an animated display.

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  1. Actually, the new one looks just as nice - but slightly different in the poses, etc. Also, it appears to have a somewhat gloss or semi-gloss finish as opposed to last years (or really the last several years) where it was a flat finish. It is the same scale (36" standing figures) and the brochure looks very similar to the ones in years past - just different. I would also recommend it. I'll probably use the new baby Jesus and it'll work fine.
  2. No, it doesn't have to be from a hobby shop, it is just that is the store which used to carry that particular set. So it would be nice to have all pieces have the same color hues and artistic styles. However, I may need to abandon that hope and purchase a baby Jesus from another manufacturer's "set". If anybody else has any leads or suggestions for favorite 36" scale outdoor nativities, I'll love to hear. I know of two or three that seem to be fairly popular online.
  3. I walked into Hobby Lobby today to see if they had their large outdoor nativities in yet. They did, but it is different from last year's. I have everything I need from last year's EXCEPT baby Jesus. I think the new one may be a bit smaller as well (couldn't tell for sure, it was overhead on a high shelf). I have searched online for the Hobby Lobby set and don't seem to find it, even under other retailers/brands. Last year's was in what they call "Polystone" and I think it was 36" scale. I could purchase this year's baby Jesus, but I did like the look of last year's better. So, does a
  4. Okay, take my suggestions for what they're worth (I have never done this before). However, I've contemplated this, nearly as you have it drawn. I personally wouldn't use PVC. I think it ends up flexing too much and therefore not being stable enough. My thought is simply to take a 2x6 or 2x8 of sufficient length (height) and simply attach (screw/nail/builder's choice) 1x2s of varying lengths horizontally to provide a place to mount the stars or snowflakes. As long as the top is anchored as you show to the house and the bottom is staked in to the ground so it doesn't move, I would think tha
  5. They are hollow resin. They aren't as heavy as solid plaster, but they are heavier than blowmolds. They're probably 10-15 pounds, maybe 20 for the large standing pieces. I think these would still blow over in a storm. I'll give some thought to the adding weight idea. Though if I'm opening them up to add weight, I may be able to insert some hardware for an anchor of some sort. I'll have to pull them down and look more carefully at the base of each one. Thanks!
  6. I picked up the Hobby Lobby one after Christmas last year (or was that this year? I think it is a 36" set) so this season will be it's first on display. Do you do anything special to anchor them? Mine are hollow, but the bottom is closed except for may a 1/4" hole here or there. I'm in the Chicago area and we can have some pretty windy weather in the winter and as heavy as they are, I'm pretty sure the right wind gust and I (or a wise man) could have a broken arm or something. If I did do something to anchor them, I would want it to not be obvious or intrusive. My tentaive plans are to h
  7. Thanks, that is the kind of information I was looking for (and pretty much what I was planning). How about connections? It looks like they make little connectors that fit on the ribbon without soldering - does anybody have any recommended sources for those? Also, any suggestion as to whether I need the strips mounted on something (like I see in stores and online that these strips are simply mounted in some plastic or aluminum channel. Or does simply using their adhesive backing suffice for mounting? I like the idea of having two controllers that respond to the same remote (at the Armac
  8. Well, I know this isn't Christmas related, but I suspect with the expertise here I'll get some important information. I have a nice display, but no RGB - however, I periodically read here so I am not completely ignorant of the basics of RGB (actually I do have rainbow floods that I use). The point of this post is that I have a kitchen remodel and would like under cabinet lighting and probably over cabinet (lighting the ceiling above the cabinets). I thought - hey, why not use RGB strips? I can cut them to length, maybe some are even self adhesive, and with the right controller I could c
  9. Stumbled across this sleigh at a government auction site. Looks like a great deal for the current price (<$30) - you couldn't even begin to get materials for that. I'm too far away and don't have room to store it, but thought some might be interested. http://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=397&acctid=1024 Galen
  10. Just a note about scale, take it with a grain of salt. I have the camel from the Hobby Lobby set. I don't think it is truly to scale (that is, I can't believe it is 1/2 scale). It is laying down but is only 20" tall (to top of head). I suspect that a camel that would carry someone would be much larger, even at 1/2 scale. I think it is simply a comfortable size to include in a multi-piece nativity and get the point across. Hence something a bit larger probably would still not look bad if you had room for it.
  11. As of last Saturday our Hobby Lobby still had the angel and shepherd (no boxes of course, just the display). Not sure of the current status. I took a chance here when they were on sale and got everything we needed for the set except baby Jesus! I'm taking the chance that they'll have it again next year and I'll get a 40% off coupon and buy it early. Have you called around to other Hobby Lobbys?
  12. I just purchased the 36" scale outdoor nativity from Hobby Lobby. I think it looks great and plan on using it next year with lights turning on at appropriate times during the Linus narration for the different pieces. So as I'm planning my layout I'd like to learn from others as to what has worked and what challenges they've had, etc. If others have examples and/or videos of something like this, I'd love to see a link. For example, have people found that spot lights (pin spots) are better to isolate the individual piece? Or, have flood lights worked good enough? Is there a preference to "
  13. It sounds like the relay/switch idea is the leading contender at this point. However, IF you don't need it to actually pause at each end (but just appear to do so) and IF the width to movement ratio were acceptable, you could make a purely mechanical solution. If you've ever seen a microwave with a side-to-side tray movement rather than a circular one, you could very easily copy the mechanism and have a very reliable prop. In addition, the way the circular motion of the mechanism translates to linear motion, there seems to be a pause at each end. Here is a model for doing this - not the
  14. Tom, I had a spiral tree the last two years - 14 ft tall, 16 vertical cables with 16 "spiral channels" going around it. The spirals are zip tied to the cables quite regularly (I think every other cable). I thought it'd be great to simply loosen the turnbuckles holding the cables taught, have someone stand in the center balancing the pole and then slowly lower it to another person, bunch everything around the pole and hang it horizontally in my garage. Well, the take down plan worked great! However, when I tried to do the simple set-up the next year, it was a real pain. Mini lights are li
  15. I am also looking for a simple 3 channel chase controller (run chasing lights around a marquee). I can find these that are rated for 150 watts or so, but I need about 400-500 watts per channel. It seems that this jump goes from about $20 to over $100. In the meantime I've just created a simple chase with a LOR controller - overkill, but it works. If anyone is aware of higher wattage 3 channel chase controllers, I'd love to know. Galen
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