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  1. This is a great idea. Do they dim down on LOR ok and how have they worked for you so far?
  2. PM sent about some strobes.
  3. Lionmo


    I'm in also. It was a great time last year and met some really great people with lots of good ideas. My wife will be coming also.
  4. I am in as well. Learned alot from this last year. Ron Leo
  5. Give this one a listen. I am thinking about using it this next year. Only 2:36 http://www.rhapsody.com/goto?rcid=tra.30017205 Ron
  6. Lionmo

    Thank you HAM

    I want to thank Tim, Tyson and Jim for getting this together. I am new to all this and the help I received at the HAM-PLUS was great. I did not know that so many people had the same virus as me and the cure is to hang all these lights. Walter and Jackie put on a wonderful presentation and I have some of my problems for next year solved. Thanks again. Ron
  7. I am new to PC and trying to get a LOR display together for this year. Can you put me down as a yes for attending? Ron from Parkville also. Thanks, Ron Leo
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