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  1. http://vimeo.com/11969010 maybe this video will help BTW, LSP forum is monitored much more closely and you would be answered more quickly over at that forum.
  2. Right click in the grid area and select "Mouse tap Mode".
  3. Wonderful job, if you ever think of redoing it, you might consider coroplast.
  4. Check out the first part of the show video. It contains a wire frame that is 35 feet long, 44 channels and about 1500 weld joints. It is build in 10 parts and bolts together. http://www.vimeo.com/17807877
  5. Guess you need to ask David at LightshowPro that question.
  6. 623 465 5680 give us a call........
  7. Last year was the first and we did $2800.00 last year
  8. Mike, If you get a chance stop by and see us. As you drive down I-17 you will be withing 6 miles of our house. Check out our FOX news link from last night http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/news/local/phoenix/mulvenna-christmas-light-show-100-club-12132010
  9. You can buy a zip tie tool at harbor frieght for under $10.00 and they work great. It both tightens and cuts saving on your fingers. http://www.harborfreight.com/adjustable-cable-tie-gun-67076.html
  10. Hi Gary, Super job as usual. Where did you get that blowmold set? I have been looking for one for a year. Obviously not looking in the right places.
  11. My Cat is a D9....and I can go almost anywhere with it
  12. Yay Louie, I agree 100%. Interesting that this goes against the the entire reason for the season. I am embarrassed for our Christmas Light show community.........nuff said:o:o:o:o:o
  13. Sorry to hear about your treatment, I hope it is going well. You pass within 6 miles of our house when you come down I17. We are near 7th street and Carefee highway. BTW you should be approved on the AZ site. Let me know if you have any issues with access.
  14. At various points around the center pole of the mega tree place horizontal pieces at different angles around the tree. It should work placing cross members at 180 degrees(forming 4 90 degree sections). The closer you place them the tighter the spiral will be. Then attach the lights at the end points of the cross members angling them downward to the next cross member below.
  15. Hi Cindy, come join us at lightuparizona.com. If you get down to the valley look us up we would love to meet. bmulvenna at hotmail.com. We live labout 75 minutes form you
  16. How about hot glue with a zip tie imbedded in it? When it dries zip tie the rope light and the hor glue will come off fairly easily after the season.
  17. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Hope everyone has a great Christmas Season
  18. Glen, I have one more question and then I am done. Do you post questions on the LOR forum to get specfic answers and if so why dont you post those on PC, If not then I withdraw the question? Have a great day and if there are any other questions I can answer on LSP I would be happy to answer them as I do most other questions on the LSP forum.
  19. Joe, Very honest and straight forward opinion. Yes, LSP does have a very high learning curve, but in the end , IMHO is well worth it. Although you and I spent some time on your sequence(s) and got it to run fine on my older Windows Vista laptop it obviously did not resolve the issues you are having on your MAC. The developers of LSP continue to enhance the product and hopefully the multiple grid that is causing you not to continue the learning process will be in a future release. As you know, it is a feature request so I guess we will see. Never having used LOR (I came from Animated Lighting), I cant compare the feature set. Maybe a user of both pieces of software would someday be willing to do that. Hopefully after the crunch for this year's show is over you will give LSP another shot. Yes, there are features I would like to see in the product but I remain a very satisfied LSP user ....
  20. No Joy in finding them for a reasonable price so I made the prototype and 2 more, with 3 more to go. $6.00 in steel rod per deer. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38840[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]38839[/ATTACH]
  21. You are completely misunderstanding the fact that you were asked you move your questions to the LSP forum. :confused:It is not that there is anything to hide. There is nothing wrong with having discussions here on PC about any product but each vendor has its own forum where specific questions about the use of the software are addressed much more quickly. Indeed many questions that might be asked here are already answered on those individual forums if one would only take the time to look. Everyone has their favorite software but it is nor fair to knock another piece of software when the "knocker" has not learned the use of the software that is being put down. Get your facts staright..I have answered many questions about LSP on this forum and only asked that you move your questions to the LSP forum because you were having unique problems with your hardware and with files that you were trying to import. In addition you hijacked this thread to start a discussion on LSP when indeed it was started for an entirely different reason. So with that being said the ramblings of this old man will stop so I can go do something useful.
  22. I have purchased them after Christmas at local stores for less than 75 cents so I would agree with flaloop that it might not be worth while.
  23. That is it....just start playing the sequence and tap the mouse. Why is it that everytime someone looks at new software they want it to be just like the software they are using? From the LSP help system 4. Using Tap-Mode to create intervals with the mouse during playback: A. right-click on the effect grid and select the TapMode menu item. B. Select desired tracks if using independent interval mode. C. press play, while the sequence is playing, click the mouse button in the grid area to create intervals at the current playback position. The hardest thing abouty learning the new method of sequencing that LSP uses ids to forget what you have learned in other software, LOR, Vixen, Aimated lighting or whatever else you are using and embrace the new methods.
  24. Not sure why you are saying it does not have it as LSP does indeed have a "Tapper" mode... and MIDI "taps" that not only insert timing marks but also effects if you so desire and you can do multiple channels at the same time. You are correct on the grid, it does not have the ability to have multiple grids per sequence. "Horrible", interesting choice of words
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