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    Newfane,New York
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    I have been decorating for 20 years. Everyone who knows me calls me the "Christmas Nut".I have alot of decoration ideas that I need help to make.
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    woodworking, Christmas decorations, racing
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    forklift driver
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    this year (2008) was our biggest yet. We had 12,000 lights, 15 air blowns, 40+ blowmolds and almost 100 wireframe items. There were also tons of little items(candy canes,ornaments,wreathes,path markers etc...) scattered through out our yard. There are also 400 feet of 8 foot tall lighted arches. This year we started to put lights on the house. For Christmas, I got a 32' fiberglass ladder and now I can put lights across the top portion of my house. We have 4 acres, our 2 story house, garage, pole barn and shed to go all out on. Next year my goal is to add 10,000 more lights.

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  1. http://shop.christmascentral.com/Items/vickerman%20w6g4303?&caSKU=vickerman%20w6g4303&caTitle=Set%20of%20100%20Red%20Commercial%20Icicle%20Christmas%20Lights%20-%20Green%20Wire This is where I get hard to find things. 9 foot long, 100 lights and $13.99 on sale. hope this helps
  2. I will ship them in a USPS "fill a box for one price" box, depending on how many you order.
  3. I have hundreds of single c7 socket and cord. Also included is a c7 clear bulb and a ceramic ring. There is no clip to hold the socket in a blow mold. The cord is 6 feet long. Price is $1.50 each. Any questions feel free to ask!
  4. I was a parts puller/shipping clerk at a huge indoor auto dismantling facility. I am from Newfane NY.
  5. I had 2 years in. My age isn't far from yours.
  6. I was let go from my job on Thursday, 2 weeks short of 2 years. Their reason---"You are just not working out". What the?????????????? Come on now, it took them 2 years to figure out that I wasn't working out??? If I don't find a job soon, 2011 display could be in jeopardy!! I know its a little early to say that but it will take me some time to catch up from the cash shortfall. My unemployment rate is about half of my regular take home pay. With a lot of luck, I hope to find a job soon!!!!
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]42059[/ATTACH] Once again, Randy is doing good.
  8. Good luck on the move. Its to bad you have to sell your stuff. Where are you headed??
  9. santajr

    It's over!!!!

    Everything came down on Sunday. Just debating on taking the lights off the porch or leaving them up for a second year.I have already started planning the 2011 display!!!
  10. Welcome deanathpc!! Western NY here also, near Lake Ontario.
  11. Went to 5 stores yesterday and came home with 12 boxes of LED lights--5 multi, 5 red and 2 white-- and paid $3.50 per box. Also found a giraffe for $15.00, a stocking with presents on top for $15.00, and a box of 3 spiral trees for $10.00. Oh and I got a Santa's workshop sign for $9.00.
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