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  1. Chuck: The Red and Green icicles are butimus to say the least. I was a little hesitant with them being C6 but Paul insured me they looked great and opted for a couple cases of each plus warm white. Glad I did as they really stand out. Glad we talked him into getting the red and greens last year as he was only going to go with warm whites at first. Lenny
  2. Yep you did Brad, and I thank you again very much for my buddy Corby. But if they are getting that on E-bay it's just crazy and I have trouble believing someone would pay that much for them. But I know a lot of people figure that it's those or the Lights and Sounds that are currently out that we are using to do our displays. I've had people ask me just that if I happen to be outside. Lenny
  3. Best not to worry to much about it. Other than keeping them elevated in a low area don't do anything. Worse thing you can do is tape them up. You COULD use the tupperware or glad disposable containers (sandwich size) and notch them just below the lid. Make your connection and put in the container and snap the lid on with the wires running out of the notches. Even with those though you ARE going to want to elevate so they don't sit in a puddle. Lenny
  4. Fix is awesome!! They have some sort of black louvered shielding inside the light housing itself. My front yard is about 90% dark now and anyone else that had light in their front yard doesn't really seem to have much less than before if at all. Can't wait now to see how the display looks just watching, as well as pictures and video. Noticed right away Friday when I came home the cover seemed blacked out. Once it was dark and the light came on, was great to see. Lenny
  5. This was a good chuckle, has been since I while back when I asked some of you about street lights washing out your display. Got fixes from you from pellet guns to lasers to night lights on a pole. But the most common was check with the city and see if they can't or won't help you out. I did just that and was told WE Energies was in charge of all of the lights except the new ones downtown. Called WE the other day and got steered to customer relations and a girl named Robin. She wasn't sure street lights where there responsibilty at first but in checking found out it was so. I explained to her that I set up a rather large animated display and have a donation box, etc. Asked if there was anything they could do because the light polution from the street light across the street washes out the brilliance of the Christmas lights. Told her others have offered suggestions from what I mentioned above and some mentioned the possibility of having a delay timer on the sensor or maybe a shield to direct the light downward. It's worse once we have snow on the ground (pictures and video both are way to bright to look good). She told me it was an odd request she has never heard before and she would have to check around and get back to me. 15 minutes later she called and said it ended up not being such an odd request after all. Said the first guy she asked said "Oh sure, we've had people call before because they didn't want so much light shining in their house or yard. Never about Christmas lights though but I don't know why we couldn't treat it the same way" Told me we'll have a trouble shooter swing buy and look at your situation and come up with a solution for you, and good luck with your show this year. Wednesday night I was in the garage putting together super strings for my midi trees and up pulls a WE truck. Spent about 10 minutes under the light and left without doing anything. I called her this AM as she left me her number and asked what was up as the truck had been there, and she said that they mentioned they had stopped by to look at the situation and expected to have it taken care of in the next day or two. Said they wanted to scope things out at night but would make the needed adjustments during regular crew hours. For anyone else possibly looking at this I asked this AM if there was any charge for it to me, and was told no charge as it's a service we provide to you as a customer of ours. So hopefully they have a fix that knocks down a good chunk of the light thrown in my front yard and keeps it more to the street. Yes I know the pellet gun would have been quicker for my sometimes cynical jerk friends.... Lenny
  6. Last year with the $3 trade in at HD Lowes also honored that. I as where many others going in with strings of incandescents, getting the $3 off and then hitting them with the other $3 GE coupon that was on the Itasca Manhunt website, same one as everyone is using on the $3.33 light sets currently. Since I have no interest in the concave lights in multi or cool white I may try this route again on C6 or M5 reds etc. Of course no greens again in any of the Lowes I've been in. Also last year I was flat out getting asked if I only had tree sets or was going to make another trip as they will take what I had at one time. Some it sounds are being totally cooperative and others are not. Regardless, manufacturers coupons are supposed to be as good as gold pretty much anyplace. I can't remeber where off hand I've seen it, but manufactures have pulled product for not honoring their cuopons. Problem is Lowes scanners won't read a manufacturers coupon so they have to enter it with a manual override. If they just put in the $3 off and a qty with out keying in the sku they won't get the credit from GE. I have rec'ts from last year from two different stores and they did them both ways. The one here in Appleton did it correctly, Milwaukee not. And I had trouble in Milwaukee getting them to do it. I had to show proof to the manager they where honoring them back home in Appleton. Lenny
  7. To make it easy to keep them seperate when I built my arches I cut off the plug wires at 3/4" difference. I'd cut my zip and cut the ends the same way, at 3/4" difference. Then slip a 2" piece or 1/8" shrink tube on each wire, soldered them up accordingly, slip the tube in place and shrink it tight. Took about 5 minutes per and I actually have spade connectors on one end so IF I have a string go bad it doesn't take much more than the time to re-wrap. I have a couple replacement sets done up in the garage just in case.... Lenny
  8. I'd actually use it outside the mega tree just outside the lights. You can also follow the taper of the tree. Use 3/4" EMT cross brackets off your center pole. Clamp the black irrigation tubing to these as you corkscrew your way down. I was going to do that this year but ran out of channels. For a neater effect start one on each opposite side. The guy in California that did a sequence with Guitar Hero last year has this. Lenny
  9. Maybe a little. If you noticed on the sequence I gave you to do for me Lyman my channel configuration shows 8 midi trees of three colors, red, green, white. When I started this year there where four and then the front of my house was divided in to 4 banks of three colors as well. I decided to drop the lights on the house as we painted it and I didn't think it would look as good being tan now with all of the green light cords running vertically every 8 inches. So I have the 8 six foot trees now and floods on the front of the house instead. Sequencing really isn't different since about 75% of the time I had the trees mirror the front of the house. The trees where also down the narrow strip of yard along side the driveway when there was only 4, but now run across the front of the house from my neighbors drive to mine, as do the 4 arch/fan sets. But the arches are closer to the street with about a 20' set back on the trees. How's it coming by the way? Lenny
  10. For plug connections you can get the disposable tuperware/glad containers and do the small notch to get the wire in and out. Put the connection inside and snap on the top. Even with these you will want to keep it off the ground in areas where water can puddle. Worst thing we can have happen in the north is have frost in the ground and snow, then get rain. Snow soaks up the mositure and is like a huge sponge. Since there is frost in the ground it can't soak in. So connections on the ground that I cant keep off of it by fastening it to the element (my arches and fans) I do this to and put a paver brick under the container to elevate it a couple of inches. This also works for connections between extension cords. Anything off the ground isn't a worry as water gets in and drains out. I use the sandwich size and a 12" zip tie around the paver and cord on each side of the container keeps it on top of the brick. Lenny
  11. Faith Hill's, Where Are You Christmas? off the Grinch track is one of my favorites and is sequenced in my show. Also did Taylor Momson's version last year but just stuck with the one for this year. Little Drummer boy is slow for sure. I use Bob Seger's version and have to keep it in the show as it's one my wife wants in there. Santa Baby and Christmas shoes won't happen. So much of the traditional Christmas stuff is slow, especially the church stuff and most of the time at least it needs to be what looks good to lights. I have a couple Pirates of the Caribbean tracks and a printed play list on sight. Believe it or not I heard more people comment on having to be there for Pirates than just about anything else. I'm heavy on TSO and there are a ton of their fans around. But with the variety I have other than them, the Pirates stuff hands down wins. I've been outside and heard peopls clapping their hands for it when it ends. Lenny
  12. Need to know if any of you have bought from solutions.com as far as lights? Any Good? I have friends that asked what I thought of their dripping tubes and I said I'd put a note out here. I have the attachment, let me know what you think gang. Thanks much. Lenny http://www.solutions.com/jump.jsp?itemID=16190&itemType=PRODUCT&path=1%2C2%2C10808&iProductID=16190
  13. I don't know IF I would use the word ACTIVE in discribing Ed ;o) Just kidding my friend..... But yes, he is on here quite a bit actually... Lenny
  14. Cost is THE one thing that may keep me from doing this for the long run as My wife is not happy after two years of what I have spent to this point. Always had a pretty good static display in the 20,000 lights range and started with one 16 channel LOR unit two Christmasses ago to get my feet wet. Last year I added three more units and double the lights. With the media coverage we got and having a donation box I felt I had to keep expanding and changing it up to keep people coming back. So. this year I added 3 more units to get to 112 channels and got in on Paul at CDI's early sale and bought close to 15000 LED's. Also opted to order a Moblie Black Box transmitter as my Whole House wasn't getting much beyond a couple houses. With the expected increase in traffic this yaer I want them to be able to hear it at least even if they can't be in front of it for awhile. But EVERYTHING I buy is questioned. I need to get a couple more signs to put in my other neighbors yard so when they are coming down the street from the north end they have instruction. But it all is questioned, so for me it can get as expensive as I want it to be. She was happy with Static, but I knew when Carson Williams house showed up a few years back during NFL games I HAD to go that route!! But that was a huge reason why I was truely looking forward to spending some time with Andrew Albertson in Chicago, to change things up and keep them interesting even in the years I can't afford to add anything. I'm also trying to get some corporate sponsors to help with the cost of building elements. etc. Lenny
  15. mnkyboy and zman's fans are the best. For those that don't/can't weld I'm putting fans under all four of my arches using both EMT and PVC conduit, cost is under $10 painted and ready for lights. I have 15' arches which have a bottom spread of 9-1/2" so I opted to make the fans 9' which gives me about 1" of clearance between the lights on the arches and fans. Of course the height in the center is exactly half of my base width so they're symetrical. I took 3/4" EMT and cut it to 9', then marked tabs on either end and cut out those. They are about 1/2, large enough I can drill a 1/4" hole through them. Be sure both ends are in the same location. Next I took another piece of 3/4" EMT and cut it at 4-1/2' to be my center upright. Do the ears on one end of this also which will be the upper end. I bent a 1/4" piece of threaded rod into a 7" half cicle then drilled 5/16" holes 3-1/2" off the center line of the base piece and 3" up on the center upright. Slipped the "C" shaped threaded rod through the center upright and then both ends went through the holes in the base. I took "T" brackets 3X3X1/2 and self tapping sheetmetal screws and fastened the center upright to the base at perpendicular 90 degree angles at that same centerline. Do this on both sides. You should have the main frame screwed together in the form uf an upside down "T". You can put a washer and nut on both ends of that threaded rod on the bottom side of your base and then cut off the excess. This makes your lower, center attachment point. Now for the arch part I took 2 pieces of grey 1/2" PVC conduit and glued them together. Muliply 3.14 X 9' for a full circle measurement of 28.26' or 339.12 inches. My fan is a perfect half circle so I divided by 2, which is 169.56" so I cut my now 20' length of PVC to 169'6", marked the center and slipped this in between the ears on my center upright and drilled a 1/4" hole through the two ears and the grey PVC. Fastened that together with 3/16" X 1-1/2" stove bolts with lock washers. repeat this at both ends and then trim all of your bolts. You now have a fairly rigid, light weight frame. I sprayed mine with Rustoleum fast dry satin Hunter green. About a can so it's a good heavy coat. My fans are going to be 9 channels same as my arches and each slice is that 169'6" divided by 9 or just under 19 inches. From the center attachment point to the outer fan arch is 4'3" or 51". The lights I'm using are CDI 6M red 100 count at 33' in length so taking that and dividing by that 51" gives me 7.75 runs back and fourth so I planned on seven and will wrap what's left on that outer arch. But with seven runs in a 19" slice my spacing is a little more than 3" so pretty tight pattern at the outer frame. It took about 2 to 2-1/2 hours to build a frame, I expect putting the lights on to be close to the same. Once I have a fan arch combo unit fastened to it's support I'll post a couple pictures both with lights on and off. But as I said pretty cheap, easy, light in weight and strong. The cost is mainly in the lights where it usually ends up. Lenny
  16. Gary: I have the 15 amps per side max, 8 per channel down. Say for grins and giggles I have each channel evenly punching out just under the 2 amps at the 1.8....If I up the fuses and cords say on the 1602 unit does that now allow a max of 20 amps per side and 2.5 per channel if evenly distributed. Not going to do that max out as for the entire unit, as I only need a couple extra amps. I have a couple instances as each of my 8 midi trees has 3 colors of 600 lights each, so 600 lights on each channel on a side is 4800 or about 16 amps. With controller placement and other elements and channel counts I don't really have options other than the getting that couple extra amp upgrade. Figured it has to be easier to change out fuses and cords than a new channel configuration and more hook up cords. Lenny
  17. Need to squeeze a couple extra amps out of two of my LOR contollers. One is the 1602 and I know for that it's a matter of going to 20amp fuses and heavier power lines going in. The other is a PC unit and I was told you couldn't do it on these because the plastic case won't move the heat fast enough. The extra couple amps is not going to be of a long duration. Someone had mentioned I thought I saw that if you take the guts from a PC unit and put them in a metal enclosure that you could then up the fuses and power lines and it would be the same as the 1602's? Menards actually had the fast acting 250V ceramic microwave fuses for about $2.50 for a two pack so I grabbed a couple. Thanks in advance for any help gang. Lenny
  18. And just an indicator of the crazy price....$30.00 for 70 ct C6's? I bought 100ct from Paul at CDI for a third of that. Proffesional grade sealed units. OUCH !!! And people will buy at these prices... Lenny
  19. Need to build my 4 arch/fan units and 8 midi trees yet which should go pretty fast. I had the arches last year which are 9 channel and 9-1/2' at the base. I picked up 10' 4x4's that I'm setting them on and building the 9 channel fans under each one so I have them as a combined unit that I can leave alone and store as such. The fans are just going to be single color (red LED's)so that should be a quick project (I hope) Wanted to get the roof stuff done the last two weeks of Oct so I could use the Green Icicles for Halloween, so I'm hoping that my roofing job gets done by then as it's only two weeks off. Problem there is I can't even finish painting the trim up there as it's new gutters and everything so that will make things tight. Just wanted the ground stuff and hook up then for November as I found out last year it takes close to a week to hook everything up. Of course most of my ext cords are already built this year. Still figure setting up the mega tree and two colors on it will be a day project. Have to try the JUMP next year I think rather than up and down a ladder with a hook to string it, especially with wanting to add clear for sure to the red/green. The Chicago mini sold me on that I think. Lenny
  20. Mike: When you get a chance to look let me know if there is a manufacturers name on them please. Thanks Lenny
  21. I think a general rule of thumb I've seen in more than one place that is a good starting point is a minimum of 100 lights per foot of height. Everyone has their own idea but the nice thing about mini lights either incandescent or LED, is more gives it that fantasy land effect I think. Lenny
  22. What about the Resin carolers out in front of the garage that was it Bill Hoffman brought and sold? What brand where those as I don't think I asked. He said they where new but in storage for a few years and wasn't sure if they still made them or not since he had bought them. Lenny
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