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  1. I dont know where else to place this post, so please feel free to move it as you see fit. For years now, every time we throw out an old appliance or electronic device, I snip the electrical cord and save it. They are handy to have around to replace cords that have gone bad on good equipment. Over the years, I have built up a good sized ball of wire. This past fall I was at a flea market and found several vendors selling replacement extention cord ends 2 for $1. Well, the rest you can probably figure out from here.. 50 cents a cord is a good deal. And while you end up with a variety of
  2. The actual light platters when new, cost around $500.... If you look around e-bay, you can find them for much less. I am not into blowups but thought that one light platter inplace of the standard white light would allow you to cycle and or change colors for the blowup.
  3. I have posted a video of TBO Carol of Bells using 15 LOR channels and my LED lights. By no means is this a great show or video, but it does show the LED platter lights in action. Hope you enjoy http://www.herdfamily.com/cofb.wmv
  4. Here is a very small video of the lights fading from Green to Red.
  5. Yes, it is the mid-hudson bridge. I designed the communications system and program all the shows. Cost... I knew that question would come up... The platters are from a company named "Color Kinetics". When new, they cost around $500 each. They no longer manufacturer the model I used. I picked mine up on ebay for about $50 each used. The bigger issue is the cost of the controller. I do not know the current cost. I obtained mine as a beta tester for the company. Yes, the cost is high for this system. That is why I mention building your own using standard or LED x-mas lights and using LOR fo
  6. I snapped a few photos this moring. I also took a real short video showing a fade from green to red. Here are the links to the photos. I will post the video later today. A few more notes about the system. It can be
  7. Hi, I'm Gary and I am new around here. I hope I have found the right place to post this. First, I found this forum after seeing a video floating around the net of an LOR display. I went out 2 weeks ago and bought a 16 channel controller, programmed 2 song animations and was thrilled. I then came back to the forum and took alittle time to read and see whats here. Wow, an LED section. Now there is something I can relate too. I have built a custom fixture that consists of a 7" wide platter populated with 250 or so LEDs. They are grouped into groups of the 3 primary colors. By changing
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