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    This year (our first year) we had about 6,000 lights and 16 channels. We used LOR via wireless and an FM transmitter. Next year we'll have 96 channels and about 16,000 lights (of which 95% are all LED).

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  1. Hello, I am trying to copy some channels/cell rows from one sequence to another. I have tried a couple different ways with the same result. I am using the latest version of Light-o-Rama software. I load the sequence with the parts that I want to copy-then I tried to add new track...hightlight the fields with the mouse and also tried with the keyboard..highlighted the rows fine. Hit control-C to copy..switched to the new track and hightlighted the rows I want to paste into..and the slidebar on the bottom of the screen slid all the way to the right to indicate pasteing,,but nothing shows on th
  2. Thanks for the input! I know what you mean about the chains but..here around halloween it can get a little dicey(sp?). I don't like it either but I did wrap the controllers and so-on in black to hide it(kinda). I wish I didn't have to worry about losing stuff that's in my yard..but..I have to keep it real too. I have lost too much in the past. Someday if/when I get rich..maybe we can move where it doesn't happen??. But for now.it works and for the most part no-body notices. I live on a corner and the yard is wide open where the mega tree is as well, but I did rent a temp fence this year..which
  3. Thankyou for your kind comments and help! I put the up the Megatree kit from Daryl and CLS and I will hopefully add the lights tomorrow. I mounted the back for the controllers under the winch..but with 2 controllers I thought it would be somewhat of a barrier for some animations. I ended up moving the controllers under the top ring. I think it will work better appearance wise. I also rented a chain link fence to go around the front yard but it's portable and I dont' have to worry about storing it(goes back in Jan.). Here are a few progress pics. The controllers mounted under the top r
  4. Here's what we went with: I still ended up doing some running around for parts but it was a great help to have the kit from CLS. John-R
  5. Hi, We used what we had on hand..a couple of snow flakes. I think they look great. The snowflakes are 28 inches high/wide. I zip tied 2 together back to back. This is our first year for a mega tree. Cheers John-R
  6. More great advice! I like the roller blade wheel idea...very creative! I don't weld and don't really know anyone who does which is why I decided to buy the kit from Darryl (CLS). I ordered it yesterday. I guess I should have ordered teh star as well but the shipping and exchange rate are a killer. Thanks again. John
  7. Thankyou B_Reagal Great thread! And to think I thought the pole would be the hard part..lol. It's all good stuff and can't wait to get the pole in the ground and get some testing in. Thanks again. John
  8. Hello, I am going to use 3 colors, red, white and multi. I did a recount tonight and I think I'll have enough for about 2500 leds of each color. As far as PVC..I don't think I have really considered it because of the height and weight with the lights and a star. I am leaning towards 1 1/2 inch steel water pipe with a sleeve cemented into the ground. I intiially thought I might be able to use a flagpole but there again I'm not sure about all the weight so I would sooner use something stronger. I can get the pipe in 21 foot lengths (brother is a pipe fitter), but he will cut them in half and
  9. Wow thx alot everyone! I have alot of great information now thanks to the friendly and helpful members of PC! Now for one more question: (sorry) How many lights are not enough,,,for a 20ish foot tree? I have approx 5000 leds that I can spare so far..would that be sufficent? Thanks again. John
  10. Thankyou for the quick responses! Jeff, do I still need the winch and rigging if I buy a kit? It sounds like it may come with the pulley system but I'll double check. Thankyou. Anthony, PM sent. I think I did it correctly let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks. John
  11. Hello everyone, I am planning on building a mega tree this year and need some input. I have looked into some flag poles and the usual stuff and can't decide whether to go with a flagpole or an alternative method such as this http://www.christmaslightshow.com/xcart/home.php?cat=25 Has anyone here tried this kit? It sounds like a bit of work to assemble and then adding lights ..not sure but the pulley system sounds kinda nice. Any input from others who have used this type of method would be a great help. Even those that have built a mega tree and found better methods would be appreciated. Th
  12. Wow,,,excellent replies and fast !! I really appreciate the help and after reading your advice I went back to the local HD and found SPT-2 wire. The clerk had no idea what I was talking about but found it under "Lamp wire". It is about 76.00 a roll for 75 meters. and I think it may be a little light for our extreme cold winters sometimes reaching negative 35+ Celcius. Thankyou again for the quick responses! John
  13. Hello everyone! I have been looking for some SPT-2 wire in canada and seems like everyone I've talked to doesn't know what it is. I live in western Canada and I have talked to Rona(building supplies) and Home Depot...neither store had ever heard of SPT-2 wire. Is it possible that it is sold here under a different name? Thanks in advance! John.
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