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  1. This is great info! Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!!
  2. Can you plug one in and describe what soft white looks like? I can not use cool white (almost blue) but I would like something that is close to an incandescent white/clear. Are they dimable?
  3. Missed the first post. what kind of red and warm white are they? CDI or walmart or something else?
  4. I second the arch sleeves! I made 4 this year that have 8 channels each and one strand of 100 count incadescents worked perfect per segment.
  5. not cost effective, but this was made for what you are looking to do. http://www.monkeyrackproductsllc.com/index.html Originally posted on lonestarholidays.com.
  6. As a follow-up, I have been using the channel lock method and have also broken my fair share as well. I have a similar problem, but with existing C9 socket wire. I find that the wire separates from the prongs over time and the light goes out -- but the base is still securely in. So, I have to zip tie the wire up around the base of the socket to keep the connection. I have been trying to devise a way around this problem, but wonder if you also have this problem and how you solve it? Would it work to compress the socket, wire, and base and hot glue this at the point of connection? Oddly, my current solution is to rip the original socket off and install a retro C9 socket. The retro sockets are not giving me the same problem as the original sockets on the C9 roll. \/ \/ <-prongs ------ <-wire _____ <-base but I get on occation --\/ \/ <-prongs - ------- <-wire -\__/ <-loss of connection at one or both prongs __________<-base
  7. Paul, I, and several others, used lasers from cheaplights this year that were around $200 - and they did fantastic. The same lasers can now be had for less than $80. For me, the 6-900 range is out there. I know it would be commercial grade and weatherproof, but I can risk the $80 model several years before we make up the cost difference.
  8. I also like the walmart LED's. I picked up a bunch after Christmas before my first animated year, and have to say they have done well. They ramp and fade with the best of them. Yes they are half wave, but I can only tell when I am installing them and am at that close of range. I use full wave strands for most of my stuff and have only purchased full wave from illumimax since the original walmart purchase, but I would say that for the money, they have been great and have not had any failures. The price is pretty much half of what the full wave strands cost, so I think they are a great option.
  9. may be of assistance - but like above, what colors do you need. Depending on color, I have a range of a few to a few cases.
  10. I have at least 100 boxes of clear mini incandescent on green wire from garden ridge. $1.50 a unit + shipping I have around 24 units of the phillips low power consumption green on green wire from target for $2 a unit + shipping.
  11. Can you dim them? -really like your display videos!
  12. Brian came to a local Texas Christmas Lights gathering and showed off the software. QUITE IMPRESSIVE! Since I don't own CCR's I wasn't aware of the challenge sequencers face with toys like this, but watching how Brian's app does it compared to the traditional methods, I can see why there is a need for something like this! Awesome article David, and a nice product Brian! Chris
  13. shiner

    LED C9 Users

    I outlined with sun warm white C9's last year and I really like it. I used the cable you propose with 12" spacing. In future years, I am looking to add red and green into the mix. The videos on my site show the C9's in action. My roof, flower bed and sidewalk, and windows are all outlined with the C9's. Chris
  14. That is great! I could see using it in the summer for movie night on the street as well. Thanks!
  15. I am a bit biased here, but I prefer jingle bass by bass hunter. there is a video on my site.
  16. although I like seeing Fabian's cool white lights, we are a warm white family. We are not 100% LED yet, and while we transition, the warm while allows us to mix with incandescents nicely. The blue hue of the cool white is too much for me. Additionally, our entire neighborhood is incandescent, so we don't stick out too much by going with warm white. The blinky blinky is enough for people to know that something is up, but when we are "all on" during intermission, we look just like a normal house on the street. People are surprised when I tell them that I use C9 LED's. People in my area have only seen cool white LED at walmart and thought that was the only option. I am happy to tell them they have SEVERAL choices in LED (my C9's are sun warm white).
  17. I purchased a RF switch from Fry's. Found it near the check out line. I use it in my kitchen for under counter lights. It is 110v with a two prong plug receptical. It looks almost identical to this: http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/handy-switch-wireless-light-switch WORKS GREAT! http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260434220170 This is called a Handy Switch and not sure where you can find it in your area, but this is something to look at and search for.
  18. it is a snow day here, so I had some time. If you like it, I can email you the photoshop file for someone to take it the rest of the way.
  19. I am also still interested in some controllers.
  20. Jason, Fabian and I use PVC frames. You can see some closeup pics on his website. Here is one shot: http://www.gordonlights.com/ShowPhoto.asp?p=Outside_Setup_26.jpg&t=Cindy_Gordon_2008 You can see the small pvc frame with the lights zip tied onto the frame. I use C9's and mine are here: http://nightwindchristmas.com/index.php/photos/category/8-window-frames Chris
  21. one of THE BEST posts here on PC - long, but great info and it has pictures!! http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=37562&highlight=snubber
  22. Have you tried a snubber on these? Try a set of incandescents here with the net and see if it changes behavior.
  23. Ok so what is it going to be Craig? What you are posting about is not the LOR LED Flood in a post entitled LOR LED Flood. You said it yourself - the design has changed from the photo -- so not the same product. Should we delete all of the posts and leave it at THIS IS VAPORWARE AND NOT AVAILABLE - NOTHING TO SEE HERE - MOVE ALONG?
  24. Craig, I too am interested in the LOR offering, but in its absence, I think people are welcome to present alternatives. David is right - the product is not available in the marketplace when these items are. As a result, there is nothing to compare them to other than some prototype photos. Even you would admit that if a user needs a flood TODAY - the LOR flood is NOT an option. Right? I understand the intent of your post, but seriously? This is a forum of hobbyists - and people who see a void and fill it (you filled a void to make the product in question). There is still a void in the flood area and because LOR has not released their product, others are filling the void with DIY products. HOW IS THAT A BAD THING? You make it sound as if we would upset a vendor and posts like this have no place here. How about have the vendor post here on the status? Whoa!
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