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  1. my walmart is squirrelling them away somwhere, 2nd year i went and on the 24th they had all of 20k lights, was there when they opened on the 26 and all they had were path markers. It was the same last year, but the year before they had prob 50 cases left over.
  2. My Dollar Trees have the individual stones and also some cool severed hands and feet, one had some skulls too but they don't look right.
  3. I found some 100 count last year at dollar general for around $2 was the only place that had 100 count too.
  4. Great mini, good food, fun people, we'd like to thank everyone that made it happen and look forward to the next one.
  5. well i am still under the assumption that my walmart sent the lights somewhere, less than a week ago they had like a 40 ft long shelf loaded with lights, and a ton of unopened cases on the top, easily 100k lights, and when i was there yesterday morning there was nothing, i just find it hard to believe that they sold them ALL in 4 or 5 days.
  6. Well having been at 2 walmarts, target, walgreens, home depot, and lowes this morning i can officially say no one has lights except target, and if you werent there at 7 then you are probably S-O-L. So the walmart i went to first , a week ago had around 30 cases of minis in the garden center, so i was confident i would get some lights today, but upon arriving at the christmas area, there were hardly any lights at all at all. What was there almost looked like last years leftovers, with the green box minis, which i believe this years were in blue boxes. So i am under the assumption that they packed up all of this years stuff and sent it back to the warehouse or something. So to sum things up i returned home with no new lights....but at least i did find a nice pet bed for $4.99 lol.
  7. Loved the display michael, thanks for showing us around, we both got a kick out of whizzer.
  8. I get maybe 2 or 3 slow downs per night i haven't had anyone stop and watch though. going to put a listen to the lights sign up tonight, i think people don't realize that there is music or something.
  9. has anyone seen these in incadescent minis at any local retailers? or where to buy them at.
  10. i was thinking of adding some chasing strands in and controlling it with lor they are the kind with a box with a dial on it to control the speed of the chase. so simple question can you fade these kind of lights or will it fry the little chase controller on the strand?
  11. 5750 SE Babb Rd. Belleview Fl 34420 12k + lights, 32 channels LOR S-Th 6-10 F-S 6-11 feel free to shoot me a pm before coming just in case i have them off for some reason
  12. you could try and edit it yourself with audacity. btw that display is pretty sick, is he a member?
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