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  1. So, last year I purchased the 16 channel Light-O-Rama controller, and wanted to get another 16 channel controller for this year. Well, I've just realized it might be to late to upgrade because of the shipping time it took last year (Canada). Does anybody think I have enough time to Re-Sequence 3/4 songs and set up lights for 32 channels. (And also have it shipped to me) by December 1st? Thanks. -Kyle
  2. I found it. It was B_Regal... Is he still active?
  3. I remember last year someone got on TLC... or another channel I forget... They had quite a few lights and was one of my favourites and would love to see it again... Only thing I can really remember was that in the pictures on the website someone had taken a picture of a Geico blimp in the air... LOL random. Please help
  4. Hey guys. I'm back after a year of regret of Christmas lights after a judging mistake last year. I'm now getting back on the horse and am not making that mistake again! Last year I setup christmas lights in a garden inbetween lots on my street, the newspaper judges thought it was my nieghbor's lights so they gave me a 0 for the lights on my house, and 0 people came to see my display. This will not happen again... This year I am moving all the lights up to my roofline and some in my yard. It'll all be sequenced to 16 or 32 if I upgrade. Will keep you guys updated on my journey Wish m
  5. Nice job! I like the part about the... Blowmolds.
  6. It feels awesome when it arrives and you test it! Personally I am 13 and I saved my money for years so I could do it, I was so happy when it came last week and I have already started putting up lights and I was done sequencing like... A year ago LOL
  7. Well, I was going to say buy some canned sequences until you said "Mega tree" With that you cannot buy precanned cause it will look terrible, It would look like a 6 channel arch with Mr.Chrsitmas lights and sounds. So, I am not sure if you will make it. If you can stay up all night at some times. Yes. But you will need a team of people, atleast 2 helpers for you.
  8. Hey, if a moderator or Chuck could maybe stick this to the top? I spent alot of time on this and would like to get the idea out there and share my knowledge with fellow PC users, Thanks Kyle
  9. Hello, and I don't really know how to type a starting topic but... The title is what it is... What we are trying to get today is a system that is more than just the "Beware of dog" factor to a criminal, we are actually going to do this with sound... That is real loud, or maybe not that loud... It is your choice. Step 1 is getting the sign, I have seen them at staples or pretty much anywhere, I would make sure it is illuminated, or else the first factor for the criminal is eliminated, which will make the effect less... Better. Place the sign at the front of your display or an area where it wi
  10. I was hoping this thread would be selling lights... at a cheap price
  11. Hm... Maybe you're trying to open them in a shortcut but you have to re-locate them?? Just a thought
  12. I've went all the way to Surrey to see a display...:giggle:
  13. BUMP!!! I still really need my answer so I can start saving up and building for next year's extravaganza...
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