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    My favorite memory has always been decorating my grandma with Christmas Lights every year that she came over after Thanksgiving.
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    love computers, Christmas, and ALOT of LIGHTS
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    computers, small video production, Christmas lights, constructing stuff
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    STUDENT 14 years old
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    32 channels controlled by Light-O-Rama, 16 D-light channels, 2 Firefly arches, 2 Firefly slave strings, 12 channel Sprial Mega Tree (hopefuly), ALL LED

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  1. I built the controllers, and instead of having the (dangly plugs), I mounted the controller to the wall with 4 dual gang boxes beneath it (4 channels each). I was going to connect the resistors across the screw terminals on the back, covered side of the plugs. Thanks!!
  2. All of my LOR dimmers don't seem to have a problem dimming my LED lights, but the one I bought from D-Light a few years back has never been able to do it and sometimes will not even turn them all the way off. Previously, I just used the controller for things that I didn't care dimmed smothly, but this year I absolutly need that controller so... I was wondering if by adding a resistor in parallel to the output would be help the smoothness of the fade. If so, what resistance, wattage, etc. Are any of you electricians going to yell at me for wiring them right across the backside of the plugs I have connected my controller, because I'm not going to buy dummy plugs to terminate the strings with? Best Regards, Joe
  3. Just get some 1" bullet proof glass, raise it off the ground a little and put the lights under it. Quit over thinking it.
  4. jtf107


    I have 4 sets of multi led icicle lights running across the roof of my house. Tonight at the same time 2sets half burn out. They are set up like this (arrow point to the plug on the string) >>>>>>>>>>>>>X>>>>>>>>>>>>>>X<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<X<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The lights arent completly off if you cover them they are glowing slightly. I find it weird that only this much burn out in the same spot at the same time. >>>>>>>>>>>>>X>>>>>>>>>>>>>>X<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<X<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Any idea on what happened or how to fix it? Personaly I think it looks like crap when you have a set of icicle lights burn out. Sorry this is so confusing. Thanks
  5. I need a new transmitter for this year. What are your expirences with the MOBILE BLACKBOX V6000. How far can away can you still hear it. Any comments welcome.
  6. Cool. Glad It worked. I think im going to finaly make one. I need a reason for buying some Solid State Relays.
  7. Glad to hear it worked for you. When you test it with your controller make sure you only use 100% intensity. I may have made a mistake with the wiring. Nothing that will hurt the controller or fog machine, but I think I have it set up so the fog machine stops fogging when you turn the LOR control channel on. Instead of fogging when you turn the channel on. If this happens just move the white wire (from fog machine) to the tab below it. Sorry about that. Post a pic or vid if you get a chance Good Luck, Joe
  8. Assuming that you are using the correct relay. I believe the wires go as followed... [ATTACH=CONFIG]37911[/ATTACH] If you want to leave out the red wire you should be able to it will just turn the indicator light on and off when its warmed up. If you were to connect multiple fog machines there is room to connect 3 more. Just connect it the same way, on the next column over, going down. I am not an electrican. Would someone please verify this.
  9. Any idea of how tall you want to make it? How many trees inside of the big one?
  10. I really need some cheap LEDs for this years display. Anything blue, white, or multicolor. 50-100 lights per string. I care if they are quality or from HD. Just need options. Send me a Pm.
  11. Could you supply the model or at least brand. Not sure if yours does but for my fog machine the remote connects with the same connection as a power cord for a computer. So if you dont want to cut your remote up you can just cut up a old computer power cord.
  12. No sure of the price, but you could just buy them in stores. walmarts and garden ridges have them.
  13. Yah I have seen them by the registers at walmart. They show whatever picture you chose over every light bulb you see.
  14. Sorry my origional post was wrong. I gave you info for the wrong cable. Just search terminal block connections on google. http://tinyurl.com/36mvvnw
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