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  1. Hello all, it has been sometime seance my last post or evening logging into site. Years pass fast but we are back active and was wondering if Kevin the dementedlf is still around for voice overs. We would like some new ones done as we have donated our display to a charity or if anyone might know someone doing voice overs for displays. Please email me or answer here. [email protected] Thanks All
  2. Want to set up ribbon tree to run sequences to say Thank You to all those working. Does anyone have Alabama's song "40 Hour Work Week" or if someone can help do one please email me at [email protected] Lets all do it!!
  3. how to add adictor

  4. I can understand how you feel about all the trouble, this year my wife and I took the year off and I accepted a job helping a friend in his business. Let me tell you that will never happen again. WE HAVE MISSED IT, with all the problems it still is a great joy just to see one night that goes good. Rest a few months without thinking about Christmas lights and then renew your effort. I will never take a year off again as long as my health lets keep going.
  5. Roger

    Lighted Wire?

    I would like to find some that can be put on cloths with wireless control that could be tied into the LOR control software.
  6. Ray Wa has these on his site that are DMX
  7. Check your internet options to insure the "clear internet" is not checked. If it is then it will clear all passwords and sites ever time you close explorer.
  8. Bill V is right on with being called late at night in the cold and rain and snow, when I work for a business on call or on site for there repairs and etc. the rate is $45.00 per hour with 3 hours min for call outs. I would never even think about taking over and insuring a show that has had problems before for less. You are opening a pandor's box and if you do you can forget doing anything on your own because you will not have the time. Get paid will for taking over there trouble's.
  9. Use different colored spots up in the tree, I placed 12 spots in a very large tree and it gives a very nice color to the tree and great shadows thru out the yard.
  10. As stated they are wired in a series and cutting them will make them burn out ASAP. If you can find a set of 50 that is split at the 25 count point you could use just half a set, most of these are 3.5 volt. I would look at rewiring the unit to use up the extra lights. Of course if you understand how they work you could place a resister in series with the lights but you will need to know how many lights you are cutting off and then find a resister equal to them. Main thing is you have to use up the voltage to keep the others from burning out.
  11. Looking forward to it, leaving Elizabethton (Northeast TN) around noon.
  12. We set up a tent area in the driveway to the double car doors and start bring things out to work on them, will get the tent up this week and the man who helps me will start bring things up, polls, arches, big things. We also get the strange looks from people driving by most of the neighbors know and even will come over and have coffee in the afternoons and sometimes even help. Good way to get them into it also. This year we are going to do all nine house on the street using one LOR unit per house, just the main windows and eves will get LOR'ed.
  13. Some time back I posted about using computer power supplies for RGB and LED's but can not find it. You can Google "hot to convert PC power supply" and it will give you several links and information. I converted several for RGB and they work fine, found them in junked computers.
  14. Problem found with help form Bob at Light 0 Rama, thanks Bob.
  15. I use a J pole and attach it to the top of my mega tree above the star on a 10 section of light conduct, here is a link to show you how to build and cut. http://www.hamuniverse.com/jpole.html
  16. Lost computer to lighting and got new one with this $#%^%$#& Windows 8 / Explore 10, trying to download S3 with Super Star and it keeps tell me "HTTP 403" and will not allow me to download anything from Light O Rama. I know some one out has the answer so please help me before I take a big hammer to this $%$#^%%%$$ computer. Roger
  17. At a campground in Conn and they have Christmas In July, all campsites are putting up lighs and everything. One site has a 24 foot Santa blowup lights and the whole bit. Wish I had brought a unit or two and some lights, oh will next year>>> And like Bill I start in Oct with high things using bucket truck and putting up towers.
  18. Have computer in my shop that has been running 24/7 for years, I never turn them off unless power outage. At work (retired CO tech phone company) our computers run 24/7 all the time. Does more harm to hard drive turning them on and off than leaveing them on.
  19. Have not found the schematic yet but really have not had time to look ever where in Christmas shop but will this week. I do have one of my buzz boxs here in the Ham Shack and found a web address on it from Andrew Albertson, it was andrewalbertson.com, tried to go to web site but not working. If anyone knows Andrew you might get in touch and see if he is still building them. I know this one is the best of the three I have.
  20. At hotel in Glen Allen now (Friday night) drove by church to insure I was able to find it, look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning. I plain to be in parking lot around 9:30 or so with coffee in hand if anyone would like to show up. I also brought a projecter, looks like we will have that covered. LOL
  21. Brad, Is there a sign up sheet for the class? Look forward to the class.
  22. Mary and I just spent the day at "Holy Land Experience" (Trinity Broadcasting) and seen some wonderful nativity sets. They have several that are life size of course and some bigger than life. If you have not been there I would reccomend it to anyone, it is a working church and several services are held each day.
  23. The best way to get the information is Google "how to modify computer power supply" or "how to modify computer power supply to 13.8v". This will give you several to chose from and some youtube videos on how to do it. I could try and explain it all but I am not really anygood at that and I don't want to lead someone down the wrong path. I know it works and works will as I have done this for several years while working on ham radio and other power supplies. In some cases you can even put in the power supply model number and it will give it to you. NOTE NOTE Not all supplies can be converted but I would say 95% can. I went out today and picked up another 20 for less than $15.00 and I am sure most of us know where we can get them, I would say all of us have some dead computers around and can use them. If you get stuck or have trouble you can email me and I will try and answer your questions. Roger
  24. Took a trip to several computer repair shops and to the junk yard and found 22 computer power supplies: 6-200 w, 5-350 w, 4-450 w,6-280 rangeing 8 to 30 amps output. Googled "how to modifie computer power supplies" and found the information on each one. Took me about 20 to 30 minutes per unit to convert afterward I had 22 good power supplies for RGB or anything else with a range of power outputs. Total cost for all 22 units under $20.00. .
  25. Have meet with our tax advisor and he told us we need to put a value on things. We know what the LOR units are worth and all the lights that have never used its the other things that have me wondering about. 3 mega tree's, 21 arches, 12x24 ft rear screen with frameing, 24 mini trees, 48 large poll hanging candy canes, Santa's, deer etc. Most everything is three to four years old. Know that work will have to be done on most of the lights as is with every year but all are in working order. We also know you can not count any time spent building everything.
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