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  1. Like to check it around 8pm eastern, guess we should start a time for login. I will start by being there every night at 8:00pm eastern. Lets see if we can get it going. Roger Forbes, Elizabethton, TN
  2. first 2000 feet ordered, good price, thanks for keeping us posted and informed. Roger
  3. Just ordered my first 2000 feet. Good price, Thanks for the info and keeping us posted. Roger
  4. Roger

    Wire Mini Tree

    Update, Talked to the caretaker of a local cemetery and he is saving me all the stands. Got 10 today that he had ready to dispose of. So it might pay to ask.
  5. I have found a supply of wire frames for Mini tree's. Make a trip by your local cemetery after they clean up, most of the time you can find the floral stands. I have been picking up 5 or 6 a week each trip.
  6. Thanks Lewis, have lots of questions, lol. if you could please email me here or at my personal [email protected] I am getting ready to order software and hardware. thanks roger
  7. Can I order one NOW, new to the world of display and I have looked at a lot of mega tree's this one is the best. Please if you can share it, I will build one. Thanks Roger
  8. Hello, Name is Roger, new to display world. Had a small display 2008, now have feaver (bad). Bought over 8 k after Christmas at BigLots and Wal-Mart then a lady, who use to do a large display gave me over 10 K of lights, so I am going in all the way. Want to get 80 to 128 channels in kit form soon and start. Have back ground in elect, kits not a problem. Old Ham Radio operator and worked for telephone company as CO Tech for 40 years. If there is anyone in this area drop me a line and lets talk some. Have one question, can the twinkle and flasher control be removed form some of the old sets I now have. Thanks Roger
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