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  1. OK: Hi all. I have rewritten paragraphs 7 and 8 and added a new paragraph on the final installation. To download the new "How To", go to the "How To" section of my website at www.wrightslights.info and download the new PDF file that is dated today (9/22/2010). I have to admit that I hurried the publishing of the previous document and left out some of the final information. Hopefully I have now corrected that. If you have any other suggestions, I will be happy to make the changes. Have a great Christmas.
  2. I have ordered the referenced transmitter. I can't wait to get it and try it out.
  3. Yes! I just found that - just before I got your message. I am looking at the page now. Do you know anyone that is using it now? I would love to discuss it with them. Jim
  4. Does anyone know anything about where you can get a low power RDS capable transmitter system for our Christmas display use? I would love to surprise people who are watching my display in their cars, with the title of the song and other information. I have spent some time looking around the internet and can not seem to find anything. Jim
  5. Good point. I did not include a picture of the finished controller. I was able to use the standard waterproof enclosure that you use with the LOR controllers. I placed a power supply and controller in the box. I have attached a picture that should help. I attached the controller to the top of the power supply using standoff insulators and attached the power supply to the back of the enclosure. Make sure that you do not short any portion of the controller board to the top of the metal power supply case. I have attached a picture. When I get a chance, in the next several weeks, I will update my
  6. dmore: Thanks for the encouragement. Anyone is welcome to download and use it. Jim
  7. To Disney-fan-Reborn: I understand your frustration with trying to gather information. I wrote a "how to" on the subject that will, hopefully, answer some of your questions. I tried to upload it with this response but it must be to big. Therefore, follow this link - http://www.wrightslights.info/resources/MightyMiniHowTo.pdf . I hope that it will answer some of your questions. For everyone on the forum, I welcome any and all constructive comments. Jim
  8. I just send a PM to Bob-O asking to get started. I can't wait. Hopefully this will be a great draw.
  9. Hi All: I want to thank everyone for the responses. There is a lot of food for thought. To answer an earlier question, each column of lights is running between 82 and 90 mA (calculated across the resistor). That should be well within the 100 mA limit. I have tried something else that, seemingly, has helped a lot. I made up a new board with 2 changes. 1. I left the leads on all of the LEDs (sticking out the bottom of the board) instead of cutting them off. I thought this might help dissipate some of the extra heat by providing additional heat sink area away from the top of the board. 2. I a
  10. Hi All: I just made my first 3 MMs. I love them. I have gone through this thread completely and have not found an answer to my question/comment. I was really surprised at the heat that these things give off. When I tested the first completed board with all of the LEDs on, it got so hot that I almost burned myself. I will show my ignorance and ask if this is normal. When I mounted the MM into the fixture things really heated up. I also started having problems with the LEDs. One or two on each board quit working because of the heat (I guess). I ran a test on the temperature. With everything clos
  11. Max-Paul: Thanks. Yes, I have thought of that. I am only using one 100 or 150 light strand of LEDs on each circuit. The run, at the most, will be 20 feet. I don't think that I am going to have a problem. Jim
  12. Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I am doing; 4 hots and a neutral. I guess I will have to leave the plugs on, but it is not the elegant solution that I was looking for. I was hoping to get rid of the bulk of the plugs, but I guess not. Jim
  13. This is my first year. I am doing everything in 4 colors (red, white, blue, and green). I decided that I would use a multi conductor cable to supply power to each "set" of 4 strands. That would be easier to hook up and more sightly (fewer cables running around). Also, the connectors that I am using are weather resistant, so I don't have to worry about rain and snow. Jim
  14. Can anyone tell me how to hard wire strands of LED mini-lights? I want to cut off the male plug and connect the strand directly to the controller (there is a reason). However, it looks like there is circuitry in the plug on one end and the receptacle on the other end. Does anyone have a wiring schematic of these light strands?
  15. Jeremy: Thanks for the comment. I agree. I finally got a message from Travis late last night saying that my order would be shipped Friday or Monday. I hope that happens.:121_reindeer: Jim
  16. I am another one who has fallen victim to the wait. I ordered a lot of items back in January. This is my first year doing this, so I am understandably worried. I just wish Travis would at least answer my calls or e-mails and let me know what is going on. Since this is my first year I have a lot of work to do after I get my lights. Of course the other decision I have to make is whether I should cancel my order. The problem is that he had exactly what I needed for this year. But, if I don't get the lights on time, then they won't do me any good. Anyone have any idea how to get a status response?
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