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    i am still in school i like playing the sims2, grand theft auto san andresa, and guitar heros
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    i do not really have any
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    still in school
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    is is a small display i will have 48 channels for the 09 season and 3 leaping arches
  1. you can also buy jesus on ebay for under 10.00
  2. Welcome to PC Kim were abouts is your display i live in Pa to
  3. do you have any christmas angles with them blow on there horn
  4. if you do not want him i will take him i have a polar bear he is brand new and he leans and will not stand upward
  5. i have on i got it after christmas i pumped it up and it worked fine i left it on for five minutes you can get them on ebay i got my at biglots
  6. i found out biglots has usally one or two blowmolds but can not find them any more
  7. i avg and spydoctor and i do not have any troblal with viruses maybe 1 a year i get one
  8. i am 13 and this is my first year 2008 and i am using 18 channles and i bought every thing my self here is my link to youtube of my display http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNC_htDK2is&feature=channel_page
  9. hey are you the one i message on youtube my youtube name is shylo966

  10. we have been doing decrating outside and all we do is put plastic bages and electricians tape and some of the outlites got ice in them we had no probalm every night the lights came on we never even tripped a bracker
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