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  1. Congrats, I'm sure she will be ready to help by Nov.
  2. I got some from them, I was happy.
  3. http://skycraftsurplus.com/18awglampcordbrownspt-2.aspx
  4. I have made sure all my cords are up and off the ground. Short 1x1 works great for this. I have also added a drip loop this year to all of the cords to keep the water from running into the plugs. I have yet to have a problem. Ryan
  5. clueless

    help for 2010

    All I can say is, you will spend a lot of time doing sequencing. That will be the biggest and hardest part of the whole display. Ryan
  6. I just noticed you are in BA, I did buy two of these when I ordered it. If you would like to test it out let me know. I always buy extra just incase. more so when order from across the sea. Ryan
  7. recording only happens when you click the record button on which ever 4 plex you have selected, and record for only that 1 camera. there are no recording times. I picked up a couple more cams a little while ago that I'm installing now. Will update pics soon.. Ryan
  8. I installed one of these last night, you can only use the software that comes with it. The software isn't that great. But its one of the cases where you get what you pay for. It is useable. I have it taking pictures when there is motion. only problem is, that you either have to set it to take a lot of pictures or if you turn it down it takes none. So last night it took about 500MB of pictures 10K of pictures. Will attach images. I will use it for now. Going to pick up a couple more cams to use. Just my 2 cents. Ryan
  9. Just tell them its great owning your own business, the man does not tell you when you have to work. Thats what I do. Ryan
  10. clueless

    I hate GF

    I was thinking Ground Fault. :giggle:
  11. I got the same card yesterday but today I got a letter saying " Dear valued customer, we regret to inform you that the follwing item(s) 45288 cannot be shipped because the manufacturer cannot supply it any logner or because you requested it to be canceled. We are sorry for any inconenience this may cause." and I know I did not cancel my order. just thought I would share.
  12. I just checked the status of my order.. cords are back ordered but it says they shipped my $10 gift card. Interesting. Ryan
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