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  1. I think i'm starting to really like the Hamberg displays.
  2. http://www.advertisingballoons.com/heliumballs.htm Hi, The above is the site. I asked of a ball with nothing on it. They usually print on them so the had a hard time understanding. I got the 10' ball.
  3. Balloon to project upon.
  4. Here is another video that you would not normally see, unless you stay until 10:00pm. It is the sequence announcing the end of the display for the evening.
  5. We wanted to let you see something you don't normally see at our display. This is a loop that runs (with or without video) when the light show can't. It is light hearted and people have sat out front just to listen to this.
  6. Just arrived, permanent power pedestals. As some of you know my display covers about an acre and a 1/4, and these will eliminate about 1200 feet of 100 foot extension cords to my LOR controlers and I hope eliminate a lot of GFI tripping. Some modifications to do (add GFIs) and then trench for conduit.
  7. This is our 5th year with a synchronized Christmas light display and our 3rd year on the farm. The display is in the country near Kingsburg California. We use 224 channels controlling an uncounted number of lights. The lights are synchronized to music broadcast on 101.7 FM. The show runs every night (weather permitting) from Thanksgiving to New Year’s night.
  8. HOA’s are just the Grinch ladies or men that want to tell you what color to paint your door.
  9. I live 2 miles out of town. The first year we started on Thanksgiving night and for 2 weeks I had only seen 6 or 7 cars. Then the word got out. Cars up and down the road and parked in the neighbor’s vineyard. I go out and speck to people every so often, they come from all the neighboring towns and city. Now if I could just keep them from getting stuck in the pasture.
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