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  1. What is this?

    I have 4 ea. I'm going to repaint before this Christmas.
  2. Good Year of Feedback.

    This year I received more feedback then I have in years. Our display is out of town (on the farm) and usually 10 cars parked at any time. That is enough for me to feel appreciated. This year I had several direct thank yous. Several people in town and at the display told us how visiting our farm (at the road) is their family tradition. One individual pointed out that "you have changed our whole Christmas season". Their children require a drive out to the farm every other night. Another came up to the door and offered to pay for watching the show saying "I went to the Baptists living Christmas tree tonight and paid $10 for my seat, I had a better time at your display so I want to pay you more". Also, had Santa come buy this year to drive a tractor out and meet the kids. The kids (and parents) wanted pictures with me as well and that felt good. My dad has a new caregiver, her first week she called for someone to give her a ride home and I overheard her say "I'm at the Christmas light house" and the car showed up with out any other directions needed. The best was the county road supervisor; I called in to the county pothole hotline to make a report. The supervisor happened to answer and he said, "Oh, we like to keep that street in shape because of the guy with the great Christmas display. Do you live by that place? " I said yah I live so close I have to pay the electric bill.
  3. Cutting light wires

    My display covers only about 1.5 acres but I use a couple LED floods on after the show. Any perpetrators would probably be too far away from the camera to get an ID.
  4. Newbie looking for feedback

  5. Latest Finds

    Very nice!
  6. New Tune To Sign

    Please help me decide. The old DuraTrans material on the “Tune To” sign is flacking and falling off. Help me choose a concept for the new (1, 2 or 3). The concepts are ruff and just ideas for now. Tell me if I should try something completely different.
  7. Remote Controlled Projector

    Does anyone know of a projector that has remote (network or wired) (not RF or IR) power control? Perhaps timer on and off? I would like to turn off my projector remotely when it’s raining. It is too far away for the hand held remote. Thanks.
  8. Projection Question

    I project on a white balloon (Snow Globe). Front projection and works really good.
  9. When do you say...."I don't care..."

    We have an acre of mud to keep people out. People do drive up the driveway even though you can plainly see there is nothing up there.
  10. 68812 304490466337385 373506773 N

    http://www.advertisingballoons.com/heliumballs.htm Hi, The above is the site. I asked of a ball with nothing on it. They usually print on them so the had a hard time understanding. I got the 10' ball.
  11. Building A Screen For Outside Video

    I hope you are referring to me as I would be flattered ;0) I have done the wreath and the balloon. The balloon is a great way the get a wider angle visual on the video.
  12. Video Balloon

    Balloon to project upon.
  13. 551698 218945574891875 2001793910 N

    From the album Video Balloon

  14. 392439 218934294893003 647009566 N

    From the album Video Balloon