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  1. HoosierSteve, can you give me a cost for 10 strings of the c6 red led sent to Ocala, Fl. 

    P.S. my home town is Greencastle, In.


  2. Does anyone know what happened to the Member Map???
  3. This might help, 8' tree, 6' base, 16 strings of 50 count c6 lights, 1 1/2 times around tree, run the strings around the tree 1 1/2 times (not tight - the supporting cables must be tight), don't worry about the spacing untill you get done then space the strings even and wiretie where needed.
  4. I ask the question some years ago, about using c9s for a mega tree and had no response. I went ahead and used c9s and found out why people don't use c9s for mega trees - THE AMOUNT THAT THEY WEIGH you better have one strong pole and an easy way to get them up the pole. I now use c6 strings for my mega trees.
  5. Try here http://www.magicintheskylighting.com/category-s/1817.htm
  6. Led strobes are that way, it takes a couple of seconds for them to go random.
  7. I use a silver sharpie, they have lasted for 4 years.
  8. This is the caption I found about these deer. Across a vast expanse of country land, lofty electrical towers always seem somewhat out of place. They clash with the natural aesthetic of the environment, yet they are needed in this high-functioning world we live in. Moscow-based design studio Design Depot has realized a design concept that has the potential to remedy this visual dilemma—deer-shaped transmission towers. The towering animal structures remind us of Jin Choi and Thomas Shine's Land of Giants from a couple of years ago, but unlike the human-shaped electricity pylons, the animal towers appear more natural. They don't seem to visually disrupt their surroundings. In fact, I think that they add more character.
  9. Also, if you buy LED retrofit bulbs check to see if they can be dimmed or not.
  10. I have used both 5mm and m6 for an arch, both look good , but I like m6 the best. Earle
  11. JHolmes, I use 1/2' or 5/8' rebar 18'-24' long depending on the type of soil. At one end of the rebar I drill a 1/4' hole and place a 1/4' round steel rod 3" long in the hole, then spot weld it. The picture will show the steel rod in the upper left corner. Drive these at an angle and they will hole just about anything.
  12. EWTalley


    Right now CDI has a 20% off sale on c7 and c9 retro bulbs, go here: http://www.creativedisplays.com/
  13. lance, last year this was my order for the plugs at Home Depot 1 100652709 764437143302 Green Male Slide-On Plug (case Of 100) 1 A $45.98 $45.98 1 100652717 764437143319 Green Female Slide-On Connectors (Pack of 100) 1 A $45.98 $45.98 They normally have them about this time of the year, have not seen them so far.
  14. I just ran a test on strings of pure white 50ct LEDs using a Kill-A-Watt. 1 string alone will show .11 amps and 07 watts add the second string to the end of the first string will show .14 amps and 10 watts. I hope this makes the above statement in post #6 more clear. Earle
  15. Yes, LED strings-different colors have different wattages. That is why the Kill-A-Watt is your best friend. Also if you take 2 LED strings and put them together it is NOT ALWAYS 2 X WATTS= TOT WATTS it is usually less. Again the reason for the Kill-A-Watt.
  16. I can do $700 + $25 shipping and I cover the balance. Earle
  17. You could wrap the trunk with lights. If you were in Florida I would say cut it down, they are LIGHTING RODS, and plant something smaller. Earle
  18. I have 4 PC-PCB16PC-COMPLETE Controllers for sale. I have had no problems with any of these controllers all 4 have been used for 2-3 years. The controllers are wired for 30 AMPS (2 plugs) and the dongles have been numbered with a silver sharpie. I will sell these for $175.00 each plus shipping and can be paid for using PAYPAL. These will be sold on a first come basis. PM me for futher information. These are the ones that DOES NOT require soldering, you just put them together. Earle
  19. The Visualizer is a program all by itself and is started like any other porgram. Do a search for all programs, it should show up there.
  20. For those that need a way to anchor the base of your Mini-mega Tree (10' or less) here is a item that you might want to look at. Earle http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/26849-mini-mega-tree-anchor/ It looks as if the pics are not showing, so go to LOR in the COFFEE SHOP to see pictures.
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