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  1. Welcome to both of you to Planet Christmas here is a example of what we do over here. http://vimeo.com/33799134 Earle
  2. John I ordered mine on 8/6 it got here today.
  3. My walmart started putting the lights out today as well, here in Ocala Fl. same items and price as in Baton Rouge La.
  4. Looks very nice , thanks for posting the pictures. Earle
  5. Welcome, we would like to see what others do at Christmas time, post some pictures, I'm sure we will enjoy them too. Earle
  6. My bet is that it won't take you three years to want another controller.
  7. Check and see if there is someone else near East Greenville Pa. that can help.
  8. Welcome to our world of crazy lights. The best recommendation that I can give you is to visit the LOR web site and the LOR forums here http://forums.lightorama.com/ this will get you to some very smart people that has done this for years and will help you anyway posible. Earle PS - LOR will be having a sale very soon.
  9. Sorry to say but there is nothing in that music that sounds like a "Christmas Song" it's a good tune. I am not an expert on music but that is what I here. Earle
  10. Why not get 30 - 100ct strings they are 33.33 ft bulb to bulb and total 34.33 ft each, that would give you the 1000 ft you need. Drape from center out to form your canopy. Earle You can find them here http://www.christmas...Default_v3.aspx Wireframe lights with white wire
  11. Good luck Tom with little Holly, we will all think about her around Christmas time. She is very cute. Earle
  12. Very good job, we need more displays like this one. Earle
  13. Stars have been sold !!!
  14. Stars have been sold !!
  15. I would try to find out what the neighbors did as far as their Christmas, and if there were any contests or things like that, if so I don't think there would be a problem. If not then maybe tone it down for the first year and hope for the best.
  16. One last effort to sell these before they are cut up and used for other projects: $40.00 ea. or $75.00 for both. Earle
  17. Better pics I hope. The lights are LED. For Sale two Stars.
  18. I have two stars for sale they are 56" tall and 32" wide, each star has 2 sets of 50 ct. warm white and two 50 ct. red lights. The red is GE brand and the white is ????? brand and half wave. Asking $50.00 each of you can have the pair for $85.00. They must be picked up in Ocala , will not ship. Earle
  19. I put the lights on the house,bushes and trees during the month of November and then the day after Thanksgiving to 1st of December is when the big stuff goes out. Lights on 1st or 2nd December. So you could break things into two stages. Earle
  20. gmac the second year and the second tree is always easier than the first. I'm just happy that I helped you build such a pretty tree. Earle
  21. Bill some how I missed your post yesterday, but sounds like you have it under control. I would like to see a video of your display. When I wrapped my sirings in different directions they kind of supported each other as well, but I still used wire ties on them and the cables. Earle
  22. Jeffl I saw one over on LOR that did just that, it looked like he had set the tree up on a pallet then raised it and after lower it on the pallet and put it away. My problem , I don't have the room to store a pallet so I must take it all apart each year, last year it took two people 5 1/2 hours for the big center tree, but less than one hour for the small trees. Earle
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