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  1. I run my display (9 controllers) with a mini-dtrector off of a timer with a power supply and this will be the 3rd year for it. The mini-director is a very good quality product, but as Don said it is not weatherproof. I keep mine in the garage with my radio, all run off the same timer. Earle
  2. I have only seen the 1/4 and the 3/16 wire frame clips was not aware that they made 3/8 clips. The 1/4 and 3/16 clips can be found at Christmas-Leds.com.
  3. You might try here, I have some m5 yellow that are more of a gold color. http://www.magicinthesky.com/lighting/100prepaid.htm Earle
  4. Bill, This is what I use on my 15' tree. http://www.harborfreight.com/3mm-x-100-ft-wire-rope-97514.html Earle
  5. Ryan, Would there be a problem if we sent you a check for the shipping cost to avoid the 3% charge? Earle
  6. You might try here on LOR: http://forums.lightorama.com/forum81/26587.html Earle
  7. Here is a picture of the star. Earle Sorry for the double post
  8. Here is a new video of the star. http://vimeo.com/24039446 Earle
  9. Try here: http://christmaslightshow.com/ Earle For some reason the category column overlaps the main page with this link. If you just key in the address it should be ok.
  10. Yes, the double 3d star is for sale without the lights for $75.00. Earle
  11. Now that most of the sales have ended I'm going to bump this up. Items remaining: 38 red led strings $3.50 ea. + shipping 23 blue led strings $3.50 ea. + shipping 32 multi led strings $3.00 ea. + shipping The double 3d star with a new price of $125.00 This item cannot be shipped. Earle
  12. Send them an e-mail at: [email protected] and ask questions. Earle
  13. Bill, Do you mean like a double 3d star ? Earle
  14. I agree, that is why I have not suggested Ocala, Orlando is central Fl. But if we have a mini I will try to make it whereever it is. Earle
  15. EWTalley

    Full Wave Led

    I think this is the only pre-sale going on now and it ends on 31 Mar. link: http://www.holiday-light-express.com Earle
  16. EWTalley


    I ordered 2000 ft on 2/26/11 and they were out of 1000 ft rolls then so they sent me 4-500 ft rolls instead. Got it in a matter of a few days, good vendor. Earle
  17. CRACKCHECKER, I haven't sold any more lights since the last time we talked so this is what is left: 38 red c9 @ $3.50 + shipping 23 blue c9 @ $3.50 + shipping 32 multi c9 @ $3.00 + shipping Earle
  18. I sent my bad Led Holiday Lighting lights to Reinders as instructed and they arrived on Thursday 03/10/11 and today I got an e-mail from Brandon. After a couple of e-mails we solved the problem and my replacement lights are on the way. It seems like Reinders would be a company that wants to make things right. HATS OFF TO YOU !!!!! Earle
  19. Someone ask, how do you program a spiral tree? My answer, is the same as a regular mega tree with the same number of points, mine have 16 each. This can be seen in a video that I have on VIMEO that shows a mega tree and a spiral tree that has the same programming, it was a copy and paste from one to the other without any changes. Here is that link: http://www.vimeo.com/18111061 Earle
  20. This is what the lights look like: http://store.winterlandinc.com/store/p/1371-Standard-C9-LED-Red-25-Lights-5-inch-spacing-Green-Wire-.aspx This is at Winterland. The multi look about the same but the wire is not as heavy, and they are replaceable. Earle
  21. Some of the c9S have been sold and these are the new balances: 38 red c9s 23 blue c9s 32 multi c9s Thank You Earle
  22. OK JEFF will hold for you. Earle
  23. crackchecker, I think I have the red and blue sold, but the cost of shipping to cal. would cost big bucks,(more than they are worth). If the other guy doesn't take them I will let you know. Earle
  24. dboyer, He means the socket NOT the strobe. Earle
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