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  1. Any word about the sign? Let me know

  2. Sorry for a new thread but the East Light Show Store is still open! 1
  3. Ok, I did not sell my LOR units all for 350.00. To be honest I don't remeber what I sold them all for. I sold some on ebay and a few though PC. They were good deals but not give-a-ways. For those of you that are looking to pick up some LOR units I suggest waiting for the once a year sale that LOR has. You can always give Dan a call at LOR and he will tell you when the sale is going to be. Jim
  4. I love a forum when others answer the questions before I even get a chance, thanks Tim! I know that even after I sell my items off I'm going to still visit this forum, you guys are great! So to make it crystal clear, I do not have any more LOR units to sell. All of the other items are up for negotiation regarding price. Also, I have always enjoyed that people take the time to read an entire thread before jumping in and commenting. The PC forum is one on the best on the net. I now assign Tim F and Steven S to answer all additional questions that anyone may have. LOL
  5. Could I get a list of what is still available. Thanks, Ryan

  6. Ok, let's get back on track... The new prices for all of my item is Make me any offer. Jim
  7. I would like to than Steven Singleton for answering the question asked here in this thread; you have done a great job so far. Just to be clear, the LOR controllers have all been sold. Yes, I did model the display after Carson's. However, I attempted to take it to the next level by adding two additional colors to the house, having a four color mega tree, 24 snowflakes, window and door light and lets not forget I created my own lighting sequences. I have always given credit where credit is due (read through my forum post if you don't believe me). I have shared my lighting sequences
  8. Just thought I would post in here agian. I have much of the items still for sale. I'm ready to bargin, prices are now, make me an offer. Jim
  9. I still have the above items for sale.
  10. Hello Illinois PC Members, I am selling off my display; the items for sale can be found by following this link. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=26050 Jim East
  11. The above items are still available
  12. Blue and red together, man I love that effect!
  13. Hi Everyone, Running short on time to create your Christmas display items? I
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