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    Titusville, FL
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    Looking forward to spending the time required for next year's display.
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    Listening to music. Vegan cooking.
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    Mech. Eng.
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    Animated my Christmas lights for the first time Christmas 2009. Used 77 channels of Light-O-Rama to control three 6-ft pole trees, 8 mini trees, four 10-ft arches, and miscellaneous icicles, nets and C9s. All of my lights were LEDs except for some flood lights. I sequenced about 35 songs and had close to 90 minutes of music. For 2010 I plan on fine tuning my sequences, adding another 64 channels, new sequences, more color and a 10-ft mega tree.
  1. Below is the link to a video of my first attempt at using Hallowindow projections. I plan on sequencing my halloween lights with the video using Light-O-Rama. If anyone has sequenced this song (Sympathy For The Devil - Guns N' Roses) and is willing to share please let me know.
  2. Hi, if it's not too late please put me down for 1 on Saturday. Thanks, Jade
  3. Some of the rock songs I'm going to try and attempt to sequence for 2010 include excerpts from: Children of the Sun - Billy Thorpe I Love It Loud - KISS Do You Feel Like We Do - Peter Frampton Heavy Metal - Sammy Hagar Sirius - The Alan Parsons Project Moving in Stereo - The Cars Above - The Blue Man Group Right Now - Van Halen Eminence Front - The Who The Spirit Of Radio - Rush The Ides Of March - Iron Maiden Switch 625 - Def Leppard Pomp And Circumstance - Accept Time - Pink Floyd - Jade
  4. I was thinking about adding "Above" to my 2010 playlist. After seeing mnkyboy's video, I think I'm going to give it a try. Great job William, really enjoyed the video! - Jade
  5. Lenny, I also did a sequence to the theme song from "The Goonies". It may fit your Pirate theme. I played it before "He's a Pirate" and thought the two sequences went together very well. You can check my Goonies sequence out on vimeo at: http://www.vimeo.com/8494808 - Jade
  6. Thanks. I used 7 channels per arch. Each channel has 140 pure white M5 full wave LEDs. The arches are made from 10ft length of gray pvc and the ends of the arches are spaced 6ft apart.
  7. Thanks. If you're going to use LOR and it would help you any, I would be more than happy to share my sequence with you.
  8. Well, my first year of animating my Christmas lights was a huge success thanks to all of you. I spent countless hours last year lurking in the shadows reading your posts, watching your videos and visiting your websites to get ideas for my display. As a result I took 2nd place in my city's holiday decorating contest. I was able to borrow a friends camcorder and have posted videos of some of my sequences at: http://www.vimeo.com/user2847244/videos I've already started thinking about next seasons display. I plan on fine tuning my existing LOR sequences, and adding more colors, a small (10ft) mega tree and new sequences. Thanks again, Jade
  9. Here is a link to one of my sequences.
  10. My first post and my first attempt at an animated display. I have 80 channels of LOR in Titusville, FL 920 Cypress Oaks St. Titusville, FL 32780 Sun-Thur: 6pm-10pm Fri-Sat: 6pm-11pm
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