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    Just remember always being intrigued by Christmas lights as a kid.
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    just a Christmas freak and would like to do more in the way of hand made decorations.
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    woodworking, gardening, winter sports
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    self-employed restaurantuer
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    Lights, Lights, and more Lights.......I try and theme my yard differently every year. this year will be "Stars"

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  1. Wondered if you could give me anymore information about this gathering? I googled it and nothing came up. Are you planning to attend? Thanks, Joe
  2. I'm planning to attend as well. Waiting for some hotel info to make the reservations.
  3. Home Depot (MI) has 100's clear and multi for $2.69 everyday price. As an employee I'll try and keep everyone up on what's transpiring.
  4. I would be interested in attending as well. I'm also somewhat of a newbie. Joe.
  5. You can order them from the winfield collection they have a web site as well. I have ordered many things from them and have had great results. My biggest problem is finding the time to make all the things that I have ordered.
  6. Someone else from West Michigan? Can it be? I grew up in Grand Haven and live outside of Grand Rapids. I was hoping to find others in this area to share tips, tricks, ideas and experiences with.

  7. Yes I live in Muskegon/Norton Shores. Was hoping to see other displays in the area and what ideas others have.

  8. I take it you are from this area?

  9. Just noticed that you were from Muskegon and wanted talk and see a fellow decorator in the area. Hope your holidays were "grand"!

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