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  1. Mel has been a great edition to this forum you want to know something about blow molds he the guy also he use to sell cd's loaded with information have one thanks Mel
  2. Would like to read the older planet Christmas magazines can only open 2017and 2016 wondering if Chuck can make this happen or anyone else know how to thank you
  3. Well i use lor and have been since 2005 you cannot beat there tech support they have a help desk on line to answer your questions and i use super star as an add on to lor and Brian is the owner always aviable to help he reads the forums and always answer all replies go to the lor forums and ask questions all kinds of help there also i use lor because of the ease of plug and play a little more cost but saves time the big thing also are you capable of building your own controllers do you have the knowledge to sequencing what type of controllers ect there is a lot of questions you have to ask yourself there is a steep learning curve no matter which way you go
  4. if i was to do it over again i would go with xlights and falcon controllers the new ones or light o rama and S5 now is the time to start either one search those 2 out on you tube
  5. Steve if you want to learn from the best go to light o rama forums and search for JR IN the sequence section he is going to be putting on a class on how to do singing faces the rest that you are looking are a waste of time get in contact with him no one better
  6. any one have some to share
  7. It's a shame killing the hobby also another problem is shipping , i'm hoping that people will understand not to use global shipping uncheck it when posting something for sale let the buyer pay the taxes it will be cheaper than global shipping and in some cases there will be no taxes on certain amounts up to $ 100 dollars just another rant have a good day
  8. Not just the grinch but other molds way to high a full sleigh $1200.00 santa face seen one 300 tender car 300 to 400 gone crazy just blood suckers same as ebay global shipping just a rip off global shipping is owned by ebay same as pay pal ebay owned making all kinds of extra money off global shipping
  9. https://www.superstarlights.com/ talk to Brian the owner
  10. Jstein     will buy the 16 channel pixel controller for  $ 125 .00    will pay by pay pal  what would it cost to ship to Canada my postal code is B1P6R4  WILL pay the shipping  let me know my email is [email protected] 

  11. I s there a free download of xlights that I can use  thank you Blair

  12. Jerry B you hit the nail on the head when you said most people don't care if it is in sync or just blinking I found that out over the years they in most part just want to see the lights but what I do with my 12 ccr tree is I leave it out ever 2 or 3 song and hope people look at the rest of the display including blowmolds and let me tell you i'm not good at doing sequencing but people like it just the same
  13. what I used for mine last year was window putty did the job kept the rain out and when I took the wires out still easy to remove not like silicone can be come messy
  14. Beefy just talked to Toby he is sending out what I want on Monday great shipping price and very willing to talk called me back twice great service thank you for your input Blair
  15. Scott thank you for the site they ship to Canada at a cost of $ 40.00 and $ 22.50 for the led power cords a little cheaper but hoping to find a lower cost for shipping if you find any more let me know thank you Blair
  16. Need some help hope someone can find cheap 3/8'' rope light led power supply have looked not much success at all found some but the shipping was $ 60.00 FOR 7 power supplies to Canada the cost of the power supplies were $ 28.00 plus $ 60.00 shipping $88.00 crazy maybe someone can look at buying them might be free shipping to you in the states then ship to me thank you Blair Here is A picture below http://thumbs.ebaystatic.com/pict/3803444521134040_2.jpg
  17. Try this site maybe what you are looking for http://www.woodinvillewonderland.com/images/EMT_Bending_2.0.pdf
  18. sysco

    Led Rope Lights

    Looking for led rope lights pure white and I would like to be able to cut them in 3 foot sections any one know of a any good sites please list them thank you Blair
  19. I have no problem with it either hope to be around another six years will donate again good work
  20. please post the site thank you Blair
  21. Mel send me the information would like to donate Blair
  22. `OUR local store tried to order the new snowman but were told no [Canada] anybody ordering any of the 2013 snowman from general foam would like to get one can you help me out thank you Blair
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