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  1. This is the song "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen" synched to our Christmas light display. We are located at 3316 Lake Terrace Drive in Elk Grove, CA. We have over 100,000 lights controlled by 40 computer circuit boards connected to a computer. Be sure to come by and take a look.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know of a good website that lists wire gauge recommendations for 12v runs. I am using the MR16 LED lights purchased from member Wirekat. Each MR16 uses .167 amps. I will be putting 10 lights on each wire from the source. The distance from the source to the lights could be as much as 50 feet. So, I will be putting about 2 amps through that distance. What is the smallest wire gauge I can use safely? Thanks so much. Bob
  3. Thank you so much Kevin. I feel much more confident now. You've always been so helpful to me (and others) in the past and apparently you still are. LOL. Thanks again.
  4. Hello, I purchased 160 MR16 LED bulbs from Kevin (Wirekat) a few years back. I have yet to use them. This year I would like to put them to use instead of letting them gather dust. The problem is that I am completely unfamiliar with how to wire the lights using the DC board I bought from LOR. I figured out how to use a PC power supply to power the board thanks to help from all of you, but now I need help with wiring the lights. I've never wired anything using DC. Here is a hypothetical situation (assume the power requirements are within the proper limits): Let's say that I want to have
  5. I received everything I ordered and in the correct quantities. This is my first order with CDI and I'm very impressed. In previous years I had nothing but trouble from some other vendors. This was a nice change. Thanks Paul. Bob
  6. Quick Question; Are the attach-on plugs for SPT1 or SPT2 wire?
  7. Ignore this question. I found the answer on another topic. For those who still want an answer to the question below ---- These aren't programmable and do not work with LOR. Hi Paul or anyone who knows, For a newbie like me, what does that mean? I use LOR controllers. Do I just plug the string into an LOR controller plug like any other light string and that's all there is to it? That's unlikely since I would need to tell it what color to be. So does that mean it has a controller or something? Bob
  8. Thanks Bill. I don't have any Warm White in my display, so no worries there. I'm glad they all look alike from vendor to vendor. Now I just need to pick a vendor. :-) It's always scary spending a small fortune on lights. Your help is appreciated. Bob
  9. Hi Everyone, This is my last posting tonight.... I hope. :-) I have to purchase a huge amount of lights this year and just found out the preorder deals are almost ending. The last time I bought lights, I bought from a company that had tons of problems and poor product. I don't want to make that same mistake again. I have heard good things about CDI and Magic in the Sky. I know we aren't supposed to say anything about problems we have had with vendors, but that is information I want to know about. As such, if anyone has had any problems with any of these two vendors, please private mes
  10. Hello, I have a 35ft redwood tree out front that I want to light. Yes, it will cost me a fortune to light this tree. :-) What do you recommend to light this tree? I want to use LED bulbs. Should I use M5 (or M6), C6, C7, C9 or rope light? Should I consider retrofit bulbs? Please include a cost/performance opinion if possible. Thanks everyone. Bob
  11. Hello, I bought all of my lights in 2009 from "LED Holiday Lighting" (The year people complained about that company.) I will be buying a ton more lights this year and was wondering if anyone has knowledge of how the lights I bought back then compare (in color) to those of CDI or Magic in the Sky. Are the colors pretty much exactly the same when seen side-by-side? Bob
  12. Hi Ernie. Yes, I needed to vent. It felt good. And yes, I'm over it now. :-) The sequencing hasn't been going well, but that's just because of time issues. If we have one more dinner party, I'm going to scream. :-) I did purchase the SandStorm song, but I'm horrible at editing music, so someone said they are going to send me an edited version. I finished two other songs, but I must admit I stole a lot of the sequencing ideas from about 15 people, so there's not a whole lot of my own creativity in there. I'm still trying to find a version of the Nutcracker (Russian dance) that I like b
  13. I deliberately didn't respond to any of these messages for a bit because I thought it would be a good idea to pause, let some time pass, and then see if I feel I was out of line with the whole Chuck thing. Well, I decided that I was a bit harsh and should have toned down my response to Chuck's criticism of my song choice. I agree with that. But make no mistake about it; Chuck was criticizing my song choice. He saw that I was asking for help concerning the SandStorm song, and then feels a need to make a negative comment on my thread concerning the use of that song. Had he started his own th
  14. Thanks Dave. I didn't think about that. Perhaps the "good audio" that I've heard on other display videos was due to them using a higher bit rate than what I'm using (128 kbps.) Could that be the problem too? Bob
  15. Why do I insist on using Sandstorm? Because it's my display and not yours. Who better to decide what's best for MY display than ME? That's all you need to know. A better question might be, "Why do people think their views are better or more 'right' than anyone elses view?" Or perhaps the question, "Why do some people insist on publicly criticizing someone else's choices, when they could be focusing on their own?" It would be nice if you created YOUR OWN thread where you spew off your views about appropriate songs. However, this is NOT your thread and your comments have no bearing on the he
  16. Hello everyone, I'm trying to find two songs with ANY sequence that shows beats (I'm horrible at finding beats.) One is the Nutcracker (I think it's the part called Russian Dance.) The other is a very short version of Sandstorm by Darude . The only versions of these songs I have all seem like they have been normalized, so they aren't powerful where they usually would be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  17. I heard that Travis sent out two different kinds of lights. One was good quality (Holiday Creations) and the other was a cheap brand. Pictures were posted of both on a different thread. Unfortunately for me, every single one of mine was the cheap brand. It was $12,000 worth of lights. Very frustrating. Laurie
  18. Hello Everyone, I purchased a bunch of lights from LED Holiday Lighting and noticed that every 3rd or 4th string has at least one light that is missing the outer covering that goes over the LED light, or it is broken in half. The LED still lights, but since it has no cover I'm worried that it shouldn't be out in the rain. If the outer covering is missing or broken, can the string still go outside? If not, what is the best way to deal with the specific LED that is mssing the cover? Laurie
  19. Thank you everyone. It looks like there's not a common way of doing it. I think I'll try #1 in the very back and see how that goes. Again, thanks everyone. Laurie
  20. Hello, I posted this on the LOR forums as well. I have portions in my sequence where I want to slowly dim everything. I have some lighted LED figures that I don't know if I'm allowed to dim, without damaging them. For example, I have a Balloon Santa, Polar bear, reindeer, candy canes and a snowman that all contain LED lights. Is it safe to dim those kinds of things. If not, how can you tell what kind of LED lights can be dimmed and which cannot? Thanks. Laurie
  21. Hi Everyone. Just a quick question. Where do all of you put your #1 position on your mega tree? In other words, where does your movement usually begin? So, if you are looking at your mega-tree from the street, where would a complete revolution start? Front and center? In the back? Far Left? Far right? Thanks Laurie
  22. Hi Max-Paul, Yep, there is also a can-shaped thing right before the oblong item. Such technical terms I'm using. Laurie
  23. Thank you everyone for your help. Chuck, thanks so much for explaining that to me. I hooked up the light set to a controller box and they dimmed just fine, just as you said they would. I'm learning something new everyday Again, thanks for your help. Laurie
  24. I've never attached a picture before, so this may not work. This picture shows the 2 oblong things on the green light set (100 ct M5). All of the blue, green and white sets have these in the center on the string and the ends of the string (total of 4). But all of my Red strings don't have the 2 in the middle (as shown in the picture.) Is that normal for red?
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