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  1. Thanks to all for your great help! I did find the plugs. Actually CDI's wire was fitting a spt1 plug. It is a much smaller wire then most ive seen. So the spt2 plugs will work and i found them with one of our great merchants, so they are on the way.... Thanks again to all for your responses.
  2. I would have to split the wires to do that and i like to leave them together so they hit the contacts correctly. But it is an idea. I even thought of enlarging the gaps in the plug but that is getting really time consuming and i need to put out 250 of them this season on my new additions.
  3. This jacket is twice as large as my other wire. And i too usually use channels to close the plugs so i dont think these will work.
  4. I just called Action and they said they no longer carry them. Im trying to contact Darryl at christmas Light Show to see if he has them.
  5. Hey Guys and Gals, I purchased some spt2-18ga wire last year from that salvage site that was posted on the forum last year and the wire was a great deal but my regular vampire plugs from creative display for the normal spt2/18ga wire wont fit this wire. It has a much thicker jacket on it. Any suggestions???? Or where i can get the larger plugs to fit all this wire i purchased? Thanks so much for all of you on the forum. You all are the best and always try your best to help a fellow enthusiast.
  6. I did just purchase some from a fellow PC member but i need more. Let me see when they come in what pattern is on them. They appear to have more red on them than the ones in your pic and may not match. But i could be wrong also. As soon as they come in i will contact you whether they are the same as the ones you have. THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!! I will be in touch in a few days. Sincerely, Kim P.S. I am still in need of some green ones still too!!!
  7. Hey Ted, Yes i know walmart carries them but not this time of the year. Thanks! Kim
  8. Oh She is such a cutie and i am a auntie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud to be such a part of this wonderful family. Need i say that i am both honored and blessed................ Kisses for baby Kylie and parents, also big huggs for my wonderful friends and family (Chuck and Mira).
  9. Hey All , I am looking for the cheap outside red and green candy canes that walmart sells. I will buy new or used if in good condition. Thanks!!! Kim
  10. Ha! Newbie here also and looking for an EDM transmitter too! Non-RDS is fine. Nothing fancy on my end just looking to transmit my audio. Thanks! Kim
  11. Sign me up for a non-RDS also! Or if someone has one for sale that wants to upgrade. Thanks All!!!!
  12. Thanks Diveralan!!!!!! The lights arrived today and will work perfectly... blessings, Kim
  13. Hey Randy, I agree that i rather have too much then not enough. As is see now that i am short on lights. Grrrr......... A great member and now super friend cmoore has taught me the ropes and what great friends he and his wife Mira are. He taught me so well all about lor and such and also to crawl, walk, run.......I am in a all out sprint! Hahahaha.......... I have bought so many lights that i have no clue where i will put them all. But this is so much fun and the great people i have met along my journey was the best of all. Now the stress is getting to me a bit. Still have to get my transmitter and setup also. Being a newbie i am getting butterflies in my stomach that something is going to go wrong last minute and my show will not go on this year. I just need to take a few deep breaths and believe!!!!!!!!! Glad to be a part of this wonderful family! Kim
  14. Hello Everyone! I am a newbie this year and i miscalculated my blue icicles. I need 5 more sets. Was hoping there is a fellow PC friend out there with a few extra sets or maybe someone switching over to LED's. Also i think i may need to order my third box of SPT wire. Sorta thinking i may not have enough. Thanks to all and I LOVE THE FORUM!!! Kim
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