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  1. You might want to start out small with 48 channels and see how it goes. Leave the rest of your display static. Sequence a few songs and build from that each year. Try to add channels in multiples of 8 or 16 to avoid splitting up channels between controllers (if LOR). If after the first year you don't like it, you haven't lost a ton of money. If you do like it then be prepared to spend a ton of money.
  2. There were some really cool displays done to Ghosts n Stuff this past year. ...we also used Van Helsing's Curse Tubular Hell. Two very kick butt halloween songs.
  3. Many people to thank for the ideas and tech support. This song was my kids favorite to watch after working on it with them all year. Since this is our city of Saratoga Springs 150 year of horse racing, Gary Lipps' carousel horse idea was perfect for the display. The CCR star has been in the display many years but always hand sequenced. After using SS to sequence the star this year it certainly made it come to life.
  4. Just a heads up, I've tried leaving channels full on for static scenes but after a while the channels kick off at the controller. Rather than diagnose the issue I just went to a mechanical timer and separate lights.
  5. Is the RS485 plugged in, regardless of whether or not you are using it?
  6. Very nice, great to see a display filled with a festive spirit.
  7. Something different for this year, the video game is like crack to school kids.
  8. Just curious where we ended up on these? Any more takers?
  9. These look great, was looking for information like this. Thank you for posting.
  10. +1, never hurt mine, even have UPS (they're cheap enough now)
  11. Use the same pattern but instead of zip ties I use bread ties, you can get a whole spool in the garden center for a couple bucks and they last for years, easier to remove as well. For the tree top I zip tie the SPT wire to a "S" hook and hook it around one of the hook head supports. Again it's easier to remove. Started with almost 100 strobes but the failure rate is high. Putting strobes under the eves look nice as well and they last longer.
  12. Good to know, almost placed an order this week but not ready for them yet. Keep us posted.
  13. They are held upright with a 2x2 pressure treated stake. The 2x2 comes 8' long from the lumber yard and was cut down to (3) 32" sections, then an angle cut on one end. Two screws hold them on which are painted over. We have the same weather here, October is a rainy month and occasionally snow on Halloween.
  14. Pumpkin Tower.... A few things here.... http://www.saratogalights.com/Halloween.htm
  15. These are not lighted except by flood light but they are wood. Moved away from foam to get more life out of them. Painted with gray porch and floor enamel then lightly sprayed with $2 black spray paint.
  16. Hats off to all those who stuck with the Christmas obsession despite the setbacks and hardships. Choosing to win the battle in a positive way and not let it bring you down or possibly turn to another addiction is very commendable. After reading through some of these I can only say, there but by the grace of god go I. Stay positive and give the ones you love a hug today and tell them you love them. Life is good.
  17. Thanks for posting. They need a carousel horse or two in there. Did pick up the C4760 dirt cheap after Christmas this year, 75% off.
  18. Amazing, seen the fountain video on Vimeo, great job, absolutely brilliant.
  19. Nox Arcana: - Into the Shadows - Night of the Wolf - Soul Stealer The one that was the biggest hit was Mad World by Gary Jules. A lot of gamers out there on Halloween I guess.
  20. Been able to take mine down for several years now without any cracking in sub-zero temperatures. Has something changed in the materials he uses?
  21. Can you pm me when you do? Thanks
  22. Can the E682 handle more than 1 string of 50ct nodes per output?
  23. How many pixel strings will the E682 control and how hard is it to build the kit? This is madness but the challenge puts the fun back into it. Burns a whole in your wallet real quick.
  24. Would this controller work? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/T-200K-led-pixel-controller-can-be-controlled-via-PC-suppor-many-kinds-of-IC/701799_497637885.html
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