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    2006 and prior - static displays
    2007 - about 8,000 lights, some of them controlled by a Mr. Christmas Light controller. http://JackStevens.net/Christmas2007
    2008 - only 6,000 lights, again, with a Mr. Christmas. Decent Nativity scene.
    2009 - 64 Channels of LOR and 14,000 Lights
    2010 - 80 Channels of LOR, working on another 92 of DMX and thinking about 25,000 lights

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  1. Google resistor color code; I'd copy/paste the color code here, but I can't get it to look as good as what you can find doing that.
  2. Zach - First off, get a digital volt meter (DVM) so you don't have to guess at things, Printed and researched ratings are great guidelines, and give you a "what should be" but an actual measurement will give you a "what is" Second, a quck diversionary question for you to ponder: If you get some controllers, would you want to be able to control these lights with a controller? If so, keep them separate. You don't really want to try to syncronize the blower motor and lights to music, just the lights. Third, keep in mind you are playing with potentially dagnerous voltages and curre
  3. Sidetrack73, basically what's happening in the cheap LED strings is the individual LED only comes on for half the AC sine wave. All of us can see the time the LED is off, then coming back on, then going off, then back on........most of us don't realize that we are seeing that, though. Doing a half-to-full-wave conversion means the LEDs are coming on twice as often, appear brighter (because they are on more often) and dim better. There was a group buy for some small PCBs to mount the rectifier diodes on - http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?28751-Group-Buy-FWC-Full-Wave
  4. Hey, Zach, welcome to PC! I also purchased a lot of LEDs from Walmart, Big Lots, Lowe's, etc....... They all need to be "fixed" - converted from half wave to full wave. Many can't see the half wave flicker, but long term exposure gives them headaches, makes then edgy, and a few other symptoms. Some of us, me, inclusded, can see the flicker, especially under fluorescent lights - which to me, also have a bit of a flicker - because of phasing issues. There's a simple and fairly cheap fix, although the supplier I get the parts from doubled the price of the core components, which are
  5. I guess I helped confuse the issue. I was reacting to Toozie21's comment about not wanting to buy 50 plugs. I was giving him a reason to do so. The group buy won't include the female plugs for the 24 outputs; they are obtained outside the group buy, just like the controller cabinet is. I have five of the SS24 controllers, as well as 5 LOR CTB16PC controllers. All the SS24's use vampire plugs on their outputs. The LOR controllers would have, if I had realized I could buy them for that price, instead of using Dollar Tree extension cords.
  6. Correct. A Renard SS 24 has 24 110VAC channels; two controllers would use up 48 of the 50 vampire plugs in the bag, leaving two left. Group buy on the Renard SS 24 (can run in DMX mode) will happen starting Feb 1.
  7. There's going to be a group buy announced shortly (Feb 1) on Renard SS series. Two of the Rendard SS24's will eat a back of 50 and give you back two as change.
  8. Radiant Holidays is taking re-ship orders; he generally tries to fill up a container coming from China. http://radiant-holidays.com/radiant_holidays/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=7&zenid=f1368dbb8c6bd9626e470af31f110308
  9. 4x8 covered or open? Just curious. I wish I had one to do that with.
  10. OK, I'm going to guess you actually mean "Lynx" controller, as sold by RJ over on http://diylightanimation.com If I am not correct in that assumption, I apologize, and will have to ask you for more clarification of your question, as "Linux" is an operating system, although many device controllers have Linux embedded in them. The Raspberry PI can run Linux as a controller. Assuming I'm correct, #1 - The Lynx Express is a 16 channel 120 AC controller, 8 amps per channel, using DMX protocol and RS485 voltage/current level connections; you'd need either a USB dongle or an e1.31 compat
  11. You might try a barbeque rotisserie motor. They should be readily available at this time of year.
  12. I'm not sure why you can't get there......it just popped up an untrusted security certificate on me, though, and I was just on the site yesterday. Here's their contact info. Welcome to The Holiday Light Store Located at 2720 S Wilmington Street Raleigh NC 27603 Call 1-866-458-LITE (5483) Local 919-828-4222 I'm sure right now their wireframe display room is about as hot as it gets. I walked through it about two years ago late September and all the displays had been on for a while; outside was in the high 60's, inside about 85.....but they were just starting to switch over to L
  13. DennyD, Are you referring to this place? http://holidaylightstore.com/outdoor-lighting/repair-and-refurbishment They're good people, but like said before, shipping would probably be cost prohibitive. They can send you parts so you can repair your own; light clips, lights, etc. but that' would mean you'd still have to do any frame repairs and repaints yourself.
  14. Not an endorsement of any of these products, but are you looking for something like any of these? http://www.walmart.com/ip/Green-Fiber-Optic-Tree-with-LED-Bulb-and-Transformer/22003188 http://www.walmart.com/ip/GE-50-Light-LED-Color-Effects-Color-Changing-Tree/22080619
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