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  1. KenW

    Timbre Lighting Controls has had some exciting breakthroughs in the Clinical field. The LiteDriver has been endorsed by Providence Child Center for the Medically Fragile, Portland Oregon http://twitpic.com/12nr3q Just recently we delivered a very unique Make-A-Wish grant for a cool young man, A.J Patnode in Woodland, Washington http://twitpic.com/1u7axs also, videos of AJ on www.litedriver.com With all that we have experienced recently, TLC has a aggressive plan focusing on special needs kids. Our goal is to get after this ASAP. Maybe you can even be part of bringing a bright spot
  2. KenW

    Anybody here ?

    Hi Paul, Sorry it took so long here. I need to be a bit more diligent about looking in the Search window. Anyhow, you're right on with the wreath idea, that would be very cool. My kids and I have played with setting lights in a pattern, we always end up with up with random except for the roof line. Maybe just a lack of creativity on our part . You take care. Ken
  3. I can only suggest that to end your quest to the above quandary, get a LiteDriver and turn off two channels.... Because you will not be using all of the capabilities of your LiteDriver, I will extend to you the re-PLUS coupon price of $497.50 (S&H if you, in fact, did not attend). The only catch is that, since I am guessing that you were not at re_PLUS(I apologize if I am wrong), you will have to take me up on that offer by the 14th as the PLUS attendees have. In all seriousness, I do appreciate the faithfulness for your color organ and your welcomed response. Thank you, Ken
  4. Craig, After I looked up your bio to see who you were, I tip my to your accomplishments in your life's endeavors. I very much appreciate you leveling the ground on non-color organ concept. Yep... I do not have the gift of programming patience, much less the knees, to even begin to think that I could make anything other than a mess over a very long period of time attempting what most of you folks do. I posted a photo of the front of our home on https://twitpic.com/bw63t. This coming year I am going to bring the outdoors in. I am seeing those hedges framing our living room window sync
  5. Go to the Short Demo :30 or Tree 2 1:52 After viewing these, please send me a reply if your opinion is still the same. I am looking for your feed back. Thank you, Ken
  6. Tim, Thank you for your reply. I was almost holding my breath on that one..:santasmileyitty: I was just enjoying the videos, animated lighting is sooo cool. You and your wife have done well. How many programs do you run in an evening? Thanks again, Ken
  7. Tim, I forgot to invite you to take a glimpse under the hood of the 1800. The first three Twitpics http://twitter.com/timbrelighting See you, Ken
  8. The lights, pie plates and gel were just my way of testing out an idea before I spent $300 on permanent stuff. I do have some 100 watt PAR-38 cans that we used in the "Long Demo" video. I like how our product enhances architectural forms but, as you pointed out static lighting does not lend itself well to the Holiday Lighting.
  9. That does look pretty poor, sorry I brought it up. Thanks for the correction.
  10. oldcqr, Now, don't be confusing folks, the re-price is $497.50 And that is not tech-no babble either. That's how my elctro-geek partner speaks... it drive me nuts not being able to communicate with people who can hunker down and talk with a stick in the dirt.:121_reindeer: Skip the rock music, go enjoy the tree videos. I suggested it earlier, look at the walls in Tree 2. Just don't get hung up on the moose. Then go to the 1600/1800 video. With that vision fresh in your mind: I can see the front of a house up lit with some halogens. Try two pie plates that have rectangular opening
  11. Qoute: DrHudd] "I never meant to offend you or your product. Initially, based on your comments, I didn't grasp the purpose or target market for your product." Thank you Sir for your kind words and your most welcomed support. You didn't offend me, you educated me. That ole School of Hard Knocks" is a fast teacher. Take care and let's visit again soon. Best Regards, Ken
  12. Quote: [Chuck Smith]. http://talk.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=27447[url="http://talk.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=27447"]
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