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    New to Christmas displays. Well known in the Pinball and Arcade Video Game communities, but this prepares me well for this (wiring, soldering, etc.). I've also produced 3 commercial videos about arcade collecting. Editing video and LOR sequences is suprizingly similar!
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    Arcade Games (Pinball & Video), Video Production, Film collecting, Christmas Displays!
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    Network Analyst
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    This will be my first year using 2 LOR 16 controllers. I own a 3rd one in case I decide to get more creative than anticipated. I do plan to create at least 2 original sequences this year using music that hasn't been used for this before.
  1. I'll add to this even though it's too late (maybe for next year). I have been involved in video for years now. This is how I shot my first year display: I used a Decent camera, a Sony HDR-FX1 HD camera, and turned off auto focus. I didn't adjust the Exposure, but I think I will experiment next year. Then I shot the entire sequence 3 times from 3 different angles. I used Premier Pro's Multi-Camera editing tool and synced all 3 videos. Then it was just a matter of selecting which shot I wanted to use at what time by clicking on them while it played. I synced in the original
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