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  1. Yes I saw that one before I made the purchase for the one in china ..........But it's half the size and the one that china makes also has Red and White tinsel to make Santa's Suit ......Thie price is approx. the same for both of them except the crazy price I paid for for shipping.........LOL
  2. Well it's a long story............The entire transaction took about 3 months going back and forth thru email .....the lady I worked with was quite nice her name was Ada, she was much more versed in English than I was in Chinese and I guess I had to do quite a bit of stretching the truth if you know what I mean!!!!! They really don't want to build only one so I had to do a lot of talking to convince them to do a Sample (per say). The final price wasn't too bad considering it's 20' high ($835.00) for one.......... that was the easy part then came time to ship it .....that was
  3. Yes it's been year, and since no one really showed any interest I just wnet and ordered 1 for myself
  4. I have singing tree quartet on coro , talking Santa and Rudy on coro, and all wired and framed ready to go 8- Gen3 LOR controllers with 2 Dangles each (to attach cat 5 cable) used only 2 seasons These were built by LOR and warranted by them Complete Mega Tree kit sold by Christmas Light Show Approx 200 C9 Strobes on C9 SPT strings and never used spares Red and White Candy Canes that could be used to attach in the ground or made into spinners Bethlehem Star W/ Lights 5 - 30" LED Snowflakes Incandescent....
  5. Well lets hope for the best, that all this doesn't happen.............We still have a way to go to meet the quota of 10 the response has been a lot slower than I had anticipated but when you look on line for purchasing 1 piece the cost is over 10 times what we will have to pay, so if we get nailed a few extra bucks were still much further ahead........I saw a vendor in Canada on google that was asking over 5K plus shipping for that unit...there are company's in the USA asking from $500 to 900 for units that were 5-6ft high ....so if this comes thru, this 17ft Santa will be a
  6. Great that makes 3 of us only 7 more to go ......I will keep you informed as we progress
  7. I found this 17 ft. tall animated waving Santa (his hand waves back and forth as to say Hi) in a factory in China (of course...LOL) .....also the lights are Red And White LEDS.... I can get it for around $100.00 plus shipping the problem for me a minimum order is 10 of them So I was thinking maybe others might be interested in this piece also ...I think it would look fabulous to greet lookers coming to see our displays so I'm putting it out there to see if there might be enough interest from others to buy 10 pieces and share the cost. I figure around $100 for the piece and $600
  8. Ac682

    Good Morning!

    Do you still have the inflatable Santa?


    If so, does it light up very well?  Also, curious how much shipping might be.


    Thanks so much!!

  9. All I can say WOW!! You really out did yourself on your display this year Bill.......... Are Those pixels on the 8 Trees? Fantastic job of sequencing on them also.
  10. gmac


    Let me know it there is a way ...........I'm confusd with this also
  11. I don't know why its right in the editor but won't post correctly
  12. Here's the link again www.creativedisplays.com/Announcements Wish they would fix the edit button so us fat fingered guys could fix our misteaks
  13. You might want to check out CDI their having there presale now ..........I've used hundreds of theirs with NO failures. Here's the link http://www.creativedisplays.com/Announcements
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