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    I'm looking forward to my first year and then building our display as time goes by.
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    2009 will be our first year with a computerized display. We've had reasonable static displays in the past. We learned about animated displays at the end of 2008 and we were instantly hooked. We started planning, but we were missing something. We have been looking for a way to honor our men and women in uniform that protect our way of life everyday, both here at home and overseas. Part of our display will honor these men and women, especially those from our community that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

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  1. Lots of good info above, try to make sure that most of the electrical loads in your house are OFF before manually tripping the main breaker, stand to the side when you trip it and when you reset it. If if fights you in either direction call a licensed electrician to help, expensive, probably; save your house and maybe your life, well worth it. If you are running your lights as a static display, I completely agree with going LED. most of mine are still incandescent mini's, even with about 45,000 lights, my December and January bills are about $400.00 a pop, it would cost about $6,000.00 to
  2. Way Late, but Thank You, Thank you, Thank you
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm guessing that you have windows 7 or maybe 8 on your new ASUS laptop, and that 3.1.4,with the VB (Visual Basic) was written for XP. Bottom line you are dealing with incompatibilities between the versions of software, windows and LOR, the first suggestion is to open a ticket with LOR, http://www.lor2.com/support/open.php? Then go with their recommendations, it may mean upgrading LOR, which would be easier than adding XP to your laptop.
  4. I got a box made out of metal, painted white and then mounted onto a 8' 4x4 that I put about 2' in the ground, I'll try get some pictures taken and up first thing Thursday morning
  5. Good Luck, send us the video if/when they do.
  6. Jeff, I'm sure it's fine. I've stored my in an outdoor shed for 3 years now. Our outdoor summer temps out here run up towards 85 to 100 plus for several days/weeks at a time. I use LOR, the datasheets for both the commercial and residential versions mention there storage/operating temperatures. Though I can tell you that the industry I work in we operate electronic boards for air-conditioning units on in exclosures on roof tops - VERY HOT, 150 deg +. Again, I believe you should be fine, so rest well.
  7. When I purchased my first stuff during the after Christmas sales in 2008 to start our display in 2009, we found these white trees that have branches that fold up for storage. The trees were/are prelit with multi-color bulbs. So just wrapped my strings of lights around the branches. The branches still fold, the weight is a lot more than the base was meant to support. This last year, I drilled holes in some pavers that are able to support them. I bought these trees at either Walmart or Target. I haven't been able to find these trees in 2009 or 2010. If anyone has a line on these trees, pl
  8. Many, many thanks to those who took care of a large thorn in our side today.
  9. I'm with you on this one. For Christmas '06 we had purchased one of those little trees with ornaments and such on it for our son. After the Christmas season we brought it home, planted it and call it Matt's tree. After a couple of year it was about 3' tall and took 3 strings of lights. For 2009 our first year with animated lights I was about 5' tall and I was able to put 12 strings on lights on it. This last year it was 8' tall, I'm guessing this season will it will be around 12 to 13 feet. I'm thinking a boom lift will be needed, but it's really expensive. Maybe, I'll find an orchard l
  10. Well, Thanks to Monk for his Portable Hole. Where I needed to place my Mega Tree has two concerns 1) It's located where the utilities for my house and the next door neighbors come in from the street, making digging a hole to mount the pole not a good idea, and I didn't want to hassle with 'dig alert'. 2) Between the two houses makes for a wind tunnel when the winds start. So I took Monk's idea and grew it a bit. The Portable hole is 24" x 24" x 10", with a 5" x 24" pipe in the middle to support the 2 1/2" pole. The bolts are 5/8" x 10" set in the concrete, there's another set of bolts tha
  11. Thanks to all of the men and women protecting us today. Rick Creed - Navy Vet, Proud Army Dad
  12. Michelle, I was enjoying reading the adventures between you and your neighbors, until I read that your husband, a hero to us all, is away protecting all of us including your neighbor. I would love to make a couple of contacts I have with the Patriot Guard and have a bunch of us come by to see your display. If we can do this please send me your address to [email protected] Thank you for your husbands service and also yours, Rick Creed
  13. Welcome, we're over in Rancho Cucamonga, I'd like to come over and see what you do. 2009 was our first year, we started out with 64 channels (64 more this year). Sequencing will take way more time than you plan, about 2-3 hours/ minute of music. Building the display will only take a bit more time than you set aside. I would start building this summer so most of it is ready for you to start putting out after holloween.
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