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  1. 1999 by prince Maybe. I don't know its just a cool song.
  2. Mine doesnt have to do with christmas but in the fifth grade I shared for news I got my halloween lights up and a couple days later my teacher brought me into the closet in her room and in a box was a skeleton and she said I bet you could find something to do with this and she let me keep it.
  3. Whats your address?

  4. Alright. We run our show from 4:30 to 10:00.

  5. Awesome! I will have to try and come by once I'm done with school. We got all 40,000 lights up and the show running.

  6. Im almost completely done iv got the show run tho

  7. i am not sure about the gate but there ussually broken

  8. Sounds awesome! Hopefully I will get a lot done this weekend. Will your gate be locked during the season?

  9. Iv got almost my whole roof done. "neighborhood wont let me do the yard until thanksgiving". Iv got about 20 songs sequenced and ready to go.

  10. That's awesome! What all have you done? I only have my icicles up and one song sequenced, but I still have to add 16 more channels and DMX RGB wall washes to that sequence. I guess you could say I'm far behind.

  11. woohoo iv got a lot of work done

  12. ya august is bad im gonna be starting up school to.
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