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  1. scouring the internet today and came acrossed a video on home made zip cord extension cords and the guy has me wondering. He went on about the positive and neutral sides of the cord and the ends. All the cords i've made work and I have never checked this should I worry? Thanks
  2. Just checking out the DJ flash rope on the web and was wondering is anyone using them or have used them and how well did they do outside? 12 strobes for about 80 bucks don't seem to bad to me.
  3. Great idea and looks very clean. Hope to put lights on the house in the future.
  4. Nice I have seen that set there for several years and have always wanted it. Is the new one just as nice? I have the pamphlet from 2011 and there is no info but the Hobby Lobby tm on the back.
  5. Hi do any of you use Prop Pneumatics in your Christmas displays and if so can you use LOR to control it. Also can you control motors with LOR I've read on here somewhere that you cant trigger a elec motor using LOR Im a little confused please explain.
  6. yes it is paintable for house features they say no dark colors, but I find painting it black for Christmas displays because there not out in the summer it does just fine.
  7. It comes in various thicknesses 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 1, 1 1/8 its a product called synboard and it is white but sands and cuts and routes just like wood with no grain to worry about.
  8. Hi guys and gals if anyone would be interested in a star I'm thinking of having some cut out at my work on a cnc they will be made out of a product we use to build custom house window and door features and columns it is a pvc material we get in very large sheets and will last pretty much forever if anyone might be interested I can get a price and what shipping would be.
  9. Wow that looks amazing. What size are Mary and joseph and are they hand made or did you buy them?
  10. What are the pictures of the LOR boxes burned up?
  11. I would have felt the same way. In fact a couple of weeks ago I watched 4 young girls on my road walk on someones property take rocks out of there yard kicking them up the road back and forth and then cut threw a field so I drove up to see if I could see were they went and sure enough on the adjacent road they are sitting on a porch I get out and they start swinging a plastic samurai sword at me like some ninja so I asked if there mother or father was home and they pointed to the door I knocked asked if these were her kids and told the lady what I saw them doing. she then tells me that that is normal 12 year old behavior and I had no right flowing her kids home knowing I was getting no were I left. About 20 min later the lady shows up at my house and begins to tell me that her kids told her that I was like a foot from them in my car when they weren't even on the same road when I got in my car. I say that's a lie she says her kids do not lie and are straight A students??????back and forth I'm the bad guy??????????? Any way KIDS have no respect for other peoples stuff and you never know what they are going to do esp. when there parents think its ok
  12. I know very slim pickens this year I did buy 20 lighted candy canes at walmart today.
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