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  1. Hey Kevin. I think there is a subject that needs to be talked about that I havn't seen anyone talk about at the minis. "Security".
  2. John those clips would would on the ridge for you too. The main reason I went with those ones was because of how they stretched open and allowed you too get it around the tile. If you make it to the mini this year I think I have a couple extra still floating around that I can show you.
  3. Yes I have. With pretty good succes. The year we had to take off while building our home a customer that I design for asked if I would be interested in putting up there lights for them. The only clips that I found that would work well on tile were these ones for Action Lighting http://actionlighting.com/item-detail.asp?ID=367&MainCategory=&Sub= (item#100SLA1CLIP). There a universal clip that allow you too clip different types of lights onto several different surfaces. Here is a pic of the outcome from how those lights looked. http://lights4christ.com/07lights.html Even thoug
  4. A little late in getting this one posted. Lights 4 Christ 20 W. 19th Ave. Kennewick, WA 99337
  5. JR V

    Mini in Oregon!

    If the vendors our out of state they don't charge tax anyways. Thats one of the things that I hate about the fact that Amazon had to open up a facility here in Washington.
  6. Very nice how-to. I am really hopeing that we video tape setting up our 45 footer next year to make a nice how too for the taller trees. It was a little difficult teaching at the mini plus last month trying to do everything off of pictures. Pictures can only show so much. A video explains a lot better.
  7. Hi ho hi ho Accross the mountains we go Three on the go To Marks house we will show
  8. You have Papa and I. So you can add two there.
  9. JR V

    Mini in Oregon!

    Hmmm, Maybe I can tell the wife we going camping in Florence and just happen to stop in Albany on the way. Shhhh don't tell her.
  10. JR V

    Tacoma Dome

    So were there any other PC members that were lingering around this past weekend to watch the WIAA Wrestling State Championships this past weekend? We went over there to watch my neice wrestle for Pierce Franklin High. She didnt place but a great time there. I am extremely impressed with her. Her record for this year was like 22-10 and 21 of those 22 wins all came as a pin. Thats just amazing.
  11. JR V

    Snow & Ice

    Brandon, Instead of making the tree shorter, you might want to consider just raising the trunk. That will help to illiminate short strand issue. This year I actually did something a little different then I've seen and actually had my outer ring of the trunk higher then the inner ring. So this made the strands slope down and into the center. I did this just on a wim only because I went from a 25' tree to a 42' tree and had to remake my rings. But rather then remaking the center ring I just slightly modified the outer ring of the old tree to use as the inner ring of the new tree, then ju
  12. K, sorry about the quality, this is the first time I have ever posted anything on any of the video sites. This is an animation that I did with our two boys. http://www.vimeo.com/2580024
  13. Riscit, I think a lot of us that get into computerized displays for the first time try to come up with a how much is it going to cost. Honestly it really is hard to say. You have already been giving some great advice. A big key I always do is know what your going to need, and watch for sales. Personally if you plan on using one of the PC kits, I highly recommend using the cases that LOR sales. I know that you can pick up a piece of Tupperware for about $10 but there cases are only $24 and they are all ready set up for mounting the controllers as well as they come with the wire stress r
  14. Im not seeing the pics. Did something happen to them?
  15. JR V

    a retort

    I am sorry you are upset. I can understand were your coming from. A lot of the energy worriers out there don't understand why or how we do our displays. I for one am doing a small part in being a little energy conservative. All of the lights in our new home are CFL's. But that wasn't because I am worried about the environment, its because I wanted to save some money each month on our electric bill, I have two boys that like to leave lights on a lot. It just makes sense to save some cents. Also a lot of those energy worriers don't realize that a most of us with animated displays are
  16. I disagree. We always fix our strands rather then replacing them. I twist mine together for our tree. 64 mega strands consisting of 4 strands, all twisted together.
  17. I believe we use 3/16" for ours. What I have found to be the cheapest solution is to buy 2 100' packages strands from H.D. You can also just buy it off the roll by the foot but it seems to be cheaper to just buy it packaged and cut it down to what you need. So if you cut one of the 100' rolls in half you have 2 50' pieces which should be enough for a 35' tree.
  18. JR V


    In the past we always cut our tree down, except for last year when we just put up a 3' artificial tree on our dining table since we were crammed in the apartment while we were building. Now that we are in the new house, this year we bought a 9' artificial tree from Costco. That will go very nicely with the vaulted ceiling. We also might put a 7' tree down stairs for the boys to decorate. Then we have several of the fiber wire trees that put up around the house. We usually also put a tree up in the office. Then we have the many trees outside.
  19. We plan to start putting the lights on the house this weekend. I always do those first, want to get them done before it gets to cold and slick up there, plus they are one of the least obvious things for people to notice right now. Starting this weekend I will be staying out late in the evenings to get everything out by turkey day.
  20. We just got our order from Americord last week. Shipping really isnt that mad compared to the saving you get on the wire. 1000' spt2 3 conductor -$150 1500' spt2 2 conductor -$150 shipping for both spools -$50.17 Total $350.17 I noticed your wanting 6500' of spt2. Why so much? Can you share the common wire to save on total wire needed? We alot buy 3 conductor to save on wire. I would rather lay out 1000' of 3 conductor then 2000' of 2 conductor wire. And its a lot cheaper in the long run. I love working with Action Lighting. But to of gotten the same amount of wir
  21. ROLOL, that one got going pretty good. They might charge you as an energy terorist. Your display was designed to drain the power company which in turn made all of the hydro and nuclear plants to work harder which then caused the dams to overload and nuclear plants to go into meltdown. Oh shoot I live next to two dams and a major nulear plant. There probably already watching me.
  22. http://talk.planetchristmas.com/showpost.php?p=114797&postcount=14 Walter and Jackie Monkhouse have a great one that they years back.
  23. Ditto. MP3Gain is almost a must if your going to broadcast music. And the best part is the price. Free!!! http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/download.php
  24. OK, let me give my usual home designer answer to attic storage. Make sure your attic is designed for storage before you store stuff up there. If not you can get sagging issues and permanently damage the ridge of your roof.
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